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  1. I'm Rachel and hubby is Bill (33 years together) and we've been full-timing since April 2006. Bill does 4-wheel drive (SUV) training and guided back country trips, and I do all the rest of the work to run our business. When we lived in our house, he'd travel for this work most of the year and camp out during these times. He always wanted me to go with him and I said when I can take all my stuff including my office, my bed, bathroom, and kitchen, I'm in! We travel to where the work is around the U.S. in our 42' 2006 diesel Renegade (made by Kibbi) w/a Freightliner engine towing a 25' enclosed trailer in which we keep Bill's work truck, a 1994 Land Rover Defender 90, as well as our Harley and the shop he created to fix things (his garage). Finding places to park our 67' rig has often been challenging as this style of coach does not have a good turning radius like a bus does. But hubby has become an expert at pulling into and backing it into or out of tight places. It's a good thing he's been a professional driver all his adult life! Being a Virgo and very grounded, I didn't know whether I'd like the regular buttoning up the coach to move to the next work destination, but surprisingly I love it. Each time it gets close to us leaving, I get excited about our next adventure. When we first bought our Renegade, we had no clue about anything motor homing as all the dealer wanted to do was sell it. We've learned about how it all works on our own. So here we are on the road together and after 3 years, we haven't killed each other so we're doing good and having fun traveling together. Besides the work stuff, the best part is that we get to see friends and family that we wouldn't ordinarily see for long periods of time.
  2. Thank you for posting this. We've been in Apache Junction, AZ and have had the worst signal we've ever had even with our Wilson outside antenna and have been thinking about the Wilson dual amplifier. Glad to hear that it works well.
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