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  1. Brett Thanks for this information. I have copied it and will take to my repair center this week as we will be addressing this during my service. Sounds simple enough, but I am not versed in doing the wiring myself. Thanks again. Will let you know how I make out!..
  2. 6 weeks and counting until departure. Working down the checklist and have scheduled maintenace for both RV and tow.....trying to plan and include everything I will need. Getting excited. ! More tips for the route welcome!!
  3. Thanks so much....will do. I like the I-10 route and plan to ride that way. The crazy weather is always a concern.....good info. Thanks again.
  4. I have a 2010 CRV and I lock it manually with a 2nd key from outside. As far as the fuse goes that someone mentioned...I tried removing that and of course it is the smallest and the furthest away from the panel....but once that is removed the 12 volt plug does not work and you have no power for the brake buddy. I end up with a dead battery after 2 long days of driving. Still trying to resolve a trickle charging to the tow battery as I now leave the fuse in place.....I have a 7 to 6 plug and thought that would keep the battery charged....
  5. I have been traveling with 2 labrador retrievers for many years and have not meet much resistence or issues. There have been some parks where they indicate they have weight restrictions which I find rediculous. I just make sure that I have copies of their dog license, rabies certificates and health records with me at all times. I am doing an extended trip from Nov to April and will have my 2 Labs with me, traveling from Florida thru the Gulf Coast, thru Texas and into Phoenix as well as las Vegas before returning to the Jersey Shore. My dogs even go to the NASCAR events, which will be on this trip. I wouldn't leave home without them !
  6. Thanks for the suggestions TBUTLER.....I will post in Forum for some feedback on the dog friendly parks and the fun eateries.....
  7. Greetings from NJ as I plan my first extended RV trip, scheduled for departure in Nov of 2011....I am new to this "blog", but not new to RV travel. I intend to travel from NJ, to Florida with a 6 week stay on the west coast, after seeing the NASCAR championships in Homestead. I will be traveling with my 2 Labrador Retrievers, so would love info on finding dog friendly RV parks. My goal is to travel the Gulf Coast, into Texas and on to Phoenix for a NASCAR Race in March, as well as a race in Laas Vegas....with a return in late March back to the NJ Shore. Please share your "must see", or helpful hints. I plan to see some of Rt 66 in Texas and always have my eye ( and stomach) on any great Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.....I will be in a 2008 Winnebago Destination with a Honda CRV in tow....any recommendations and pointers would be great......
  8. I plan to follow a few NASCAR races, beginning with the Championships in Homestead Miami....in March I would like to see the Phoenix Race as well as Las Vegas. My goal is to travel the Gulf Coast from Florida around to Texas. In Texas I would like to see some Route 66 attractions.....any campground recommendations would be great.

  9. This is inew to me and I am interested in benefiting from others' experiences in RV travel. I am starting a 5 month trip in Nov 2011 and am excited about this adventure. I will be in a 2008 Winnebago Destination with a Honda CRV in tow. I am not new to RV travel, but this is my first extended trip. So what would be your advice? Tips? Please share!!

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