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  1. I tried to Update Profile since we have been off the site for a while. I see no fields for location or rv type/year/etc. A lot of fields asking for AIM and URL and other stuff. Where is the basic update stuff? Am I having a senior moment? Thanks!
  2. We might want to use the Circle K discount in near future for some extensive car-only and also MH travel. We have a paper/printed membership card. Do I have to physically take it inside the store or is the pump smart enough to ask me? Thanks
  3. We got our Jetpack in April and only used it for 2 months before our travels were curtailed for a while and we went home. We have high speed internet at home so I did the free 3-month Verizon suspension and was also told by 2 different Verizon customer reps that I could continue my suspension after that by paying $10 per month. Which at the time seemed better for a while than cancelling for $175 plus likely paying for the Jetpack or returning it. However..last week a bill came and they resumed my full service without telling me. The latest Verizon story is that we are subject to the same suspension rules as "regular" customers despite what I heard earlier from Verizon and FMCA. Just thought you might want to know. Hank FMCA 155625 2005 Mandalay DP
  4. Before I talk to a series of Verizon rep's about this just wondering - I was told when we got our plan last April that I could turn it on and off whenever I wanted/needed to. We got the plan to use for extended travel which did not work out. We used it for 2 months, got the free 3-month suspension and now will be charged the $10 per month suspension charge if we want to keep the acct active (ouch?). I plan to turn it back on next week for a 1-2 month trip and then turn it back off. Has anyone tried doing this "rapid" on/off thing? I realize this is not typical but just assessing our options. Thanks Hank FMCA 155625 2005 Mandalay DP 2012 Honda CRV
  5. Thanks to all for the info and insight. I think a trip to a Verizon company store would be useful as a last check on switching phones. We had planned to do the sim card thing at a store anyway. Hank FMCA 155625 2005 Mandalay DP
  6. We signed up a month ago. Wife has an IPAD 128 (a lot of Facebook), old style texting phone and I still have a flip phone plus an HP laptop we travel with. Very good usage experience so far traveling between South Dakota, Indiana and then Maryland; not even close to our 25 Gb limit. Then my son offered me his wife's old Smart Phone to replace my flip. Chat on May 7 with Verizon said we could do a free straight hardware swap with just a new SIM card. Son was surprised as he thought I would have to get an additional data plan. Contacted Verizon today to do rest of the transaction and a different rep said we could NOT swap the phones. So we are slightly confused..a couple questions: 1. Are folks who already have Smart Phones doing the Verizon FMCA offer? If so, does that only work if you are not already on a contract? 2. For folks like us still living in the hardware dark ages who want to go "smart" sounds like the only way is to dump the old phone and buy a Verizon smart phone with an additional data package...? That would defeat the purpose of the FMCA plan so I am obviously missing something here. Hank FMCA 155625 2005 Mandalay DP 2012 Honda Toad On the road in Fort Wayne, Indiana hanknjoyce@netzero.net
  7. We have a 2012 (latest "generation") CRV and before that a 2007. The 2007 never had a problem because less electronics and electric drain. But I did put a heavy duty battery in just in case. The 2012 stock battery started to die on trips almost immediately so we put in the heaviest duty battery available. Still had problems. But found out a fellow resident in our snowbird park was installing those fuse cut-off switches in everybody's "New" age CRV's. Best $20 I ever spent. Just flip the switch when towing and all is good. The switch simply turns off the fuse connected to the radio and that view screen. I tried removing the fuse when we first got the 2012 CRV - forget it. Almost broke my back..and I had to get AAA to re-install it! Honda really blew it when they switched to micro-fuses and a tighter fuse box! Hank 2005 Mandalay DP 2012 Honda CRV
  8. Regarding a home generator - my brother installed an 18 KW at his home in Connecticut. He was tired of power outages. He has been the hit of the neighborhood ever since. He installed it just before Hurricane Sandy.... Hank 2005 Mandalay DP FMCA 155625 Custer SD
  9. I am a newcomer to the forum. We live in Custer SD in the southern Black Hills and very close to Custer State Park. The Sturgis motorcycle rally is Aug 8-14, but there is also a "pre-week" the week before that is almost as hectic. It can get very busy in these parts at that time, although Custer is usually not too bad. In addition, local media is reporting this will be a big tourism year in the Black Hills and many RV parks in the area are full/almost full. We are planning another trip to Yellowstone in late June and will stay on the east side this time at Wapiti's Yellowstone Valley Inn. When I made a reservation on April 23, I got the last site for June 27-30. If you can also travel in September, the Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup is Monday, Sept 26 with many activities in the week leading up to the actual roundup. Hank Whitney 2005 Mandalay DP 2007 Honda CRV
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