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  1. About 1700 miles on the new GPS and there are definitely some pro's and con's! I learned to use the Garmin Streetpilot 5 and the Streetpilot 2610, usually looking for pinpoint locations to complete scavenger hunts and to locate cemeteries in the Oklahoma countryside. For those uses, I'm sticking with the old Garmins! You cannot enter lat/long destinations into the unit. Street addresses are OK, but to find a boondocking location you have to physically go there and mark it. Of course, the cemetery trips are usually with a Ford F-250 and a trailer, not the motorhome! With the motorhome, multiple stops are allowed in the trip setup, but if you're familiar with the Garmin procedures, Magellan treats all stops as "destinations", rather than "waypoints". In planning a multi-stop trip, you can see the routing, ETA and distance to the next destination, but not the overall trip. Bit of a disappointment, but can be lived with if destinations are entered in the address book in advance and the trip broken into stages. I set up a trip to the final destination to get overall routing and ETA. save the destination, and go back and set a route to the first planned stop of the day. For the motorhome, I'm happy with the Magellan. On the motorcycle trying to get a county line picture on the Interstate, I'll keep the Garmins
  2. While looking for a new GPS, the Garmin 2610 is getting a little long in the tooth, I noticed an ad for the new Magellan in Camper's World catalog. I've pretty much, I think, exhausted the supply of on-line reviews and have decided this is the next GPS for me. 7 inch screen for my over 30 eyes! Manual can be downloaded from Magellan. Multiple point routing, bunch of stuff. NFI, YMMV
  3. Just saw the pre-release info on the new Magellan RoadMate Pro 9165T. Due out this month, and seems to have solutions to most, if not all, the questions raised about the Rand-McNally here. Owners manual can be downloaded. Camping World is $50 off at this time.
  4. Steve, Thanks for posting the user's guide. From what I've read, Ican enter the waypoints and POI's manually. Was trying to avoid that, but looking at the big picture, the pro's definitely outweigh the cons.
  5. I'm interested in getting more info on the capabilities and limitations of the unit. 1. Can custom or individual POI's be uploaded from external databases? Say, an index of cemeteries for genealogists 2. Can a route be developed on a computer and downloaded to the GPS? 3. Will the GPS re-route on the fly? I know there are more questions to come, and thanks for any info. Wish the manufacturers would tell us what the unit does instead of having us guess!.
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