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  1. I had to phone also. They happily took care of it on the phone.
  2. Following the link from FB takes me to my membership page in the FMCA site, but pressing the "Renew" button there does nothing but reload my membership information. There is no offer to renew at any rate - discounted or regular.
  3. Second the awning rod (or any angle tipped rod) idea. Have used one for years. In addition to holes in the corners of the pads, I attached a loop of cord to each pad. The loop is much easier to snag to pull out the pads. In addition, you can carry all the pads in one hand using the loop "handles".
  4. You might consider Whalen Tires. The store here in Belgrade has served me well twice using the FMCA/Michelin program. They have several locations in Montana and Washington. They transfer tires between locations when needed and in relatively short time. whalentire.com
  5. I was comparing the original Roadmaster version of the Brake Buddy-type portable brake-in-a-box to the RVibrake. I believe that is about as "apples-to-apples"as you could get. Roadmaster has made later models of the brake I had but they are still basically the same physical hook up and size, which is my basis for negative comments compared to the RViBrake. My intent was to compare only the portable type brakes. I thought the description of the installation and setup made that clear. Sorry if anyone was confused by that.
  6. I've had both the Roadmaster and RVi. The RVi, in my opinion, is vastly superior. It is much smaller, lighter, easier to connect in my Jeep Wrangler and it reacts better. Setup is similar in both but the RVi is easier due to it's size, weight and automatic one button punch activation. The RVi's connection to the brake pedal is also much easier to connect and disconnect.
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