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  1. I am looking for any input or reviews on the RV Tech and Inspection classes I have found through Work Kamper.
  2. I have what appears to be charcoal residue coming through the kitchen faucet. It does it both when using city water or tank water. I have drained and flushed both the fresh tank and water heater. I have replaced the in line filter that I use on all incoming water. Not sure what to try next. Has anyone out there experienced a similar problem?
  3. Thanks. good info. I think my biggest concern is the slides. I have seen slide glides damage new flooring. I like your comment to do a lot of studying before I start. Regards, Mike
  4. Thanks for the info. You've done some great work on your coach. Did you do the slides as well? Are your slides level with the floor or raised? What was the biggest issue/problem you encountered? Thanks, Mike
  5. The bed moves in and out on the slide and the carpet is under it as well. This may be a dumb question and I should have asked it earlier but do you let the floor float or glue it down or does it matter in a MH? Thanks again for the great info. You are one of the most helpful people I have dealt with. I look forward to meeting you. I saw somewhere in one forum that you are heading to WI in Aug. Will you be at the FMCA rally? We will be there and at a prerally ealier in Jul. Thanks again, Mike
  6. Thanks for the quick response. Just a couple of more questions if you don't mind. Any trick to getting the old carpet out that is under the slide? Do the slides need to be adjusted or raised to do this? Can I run the flooring all the way to the firewall in front? How about the bedroom slide? On this coach the bed and closet are on the slide. I appreciate the info as I have not tackled this before. Mike
  7. I have an 02 Winnebago Adventurer and want to replace all the flooring with vinyl, probably wood floor look. The slides ride in on the carpet so I am concerned about how to get the new flooring under the slides both in the LR and BR. I would also like to run the new floor up front to the firewall. Any input on this would be appreciated. I am a fairly accomplished DIYer but am not sure about working around the slides. Thanks
  8. Thank you, everybody, for timely responses and great info. I will post again when finished with the project.
  9. Ernie, Thanks for the feedback. The flooring I am looking at is about 1/8" thick. If I use a piece of that, is the thickness an issue? If so how about something like a flexible cutting board which would be thinner? Thanks, Mike,
  10. Thanks for the quick response. The plastic boards I have seen are made to use with carpet and have points on the bottoms of them to hold to the carpet. If what you have is made for vinly, that would be a solution. Any info you can supply would be very helpful and and much appreciated.
  11. I have a 2002 Winnebago that is in need of new flooring. I have been looking at materials and installations and have seen most installations with scratches caused by slides going in and out. Since we are full timers on the road, our slides get used a lot so this would be an issue. One of the materials I hve looked at is a wood look product from Nafco. Would laying a peice of plastic or flooring material on the slide path when operating them be a practical solution?
  12. Thank you all for the quick responses. It is very helpful and it looks like GMAC is a good choice.
  13. It's renewal time again. We are looking at changing carriers due to premium increases with our current company. I am looking at GMAC (a FMCA referral) and GEICO. both are very competitive. Any feedback on either company would be vry helpful i.e. claims, service, problems. any info, either positive or negative would be welcome. Thanks, Mike
  14. I'll let you know. The reflector is on order and should be in tomorrow. Thanks.
  15. Thanks for the input. I think the dish may be warped and that is probably the best place to start. I am working with a repair tech and he is ordering a new reflector. It looks like repairing these systems is a matter of replacing components one at a time until it is working again. The display just shows searching so it is not seeing anything. There is no overall way to diagnose just where the problem is. It does not appear that we damaged the cable or LNB' so hopefully the reflector will do it. Thanks again for your response. Mike
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