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  1. I'm going to tow a short Ford E 150 auto trans van to craft shows (lot of volume, not much load) & wondering about drive shaft disconnects. Any recommendations? Thanks Wayne
  2. I took my 2005 Fleetwood Expedition 38N to shop to have oil change & mech ask did I know that my steps were extended. To make a long story short, he took the drive unit apart, did some thing to it but it still did not work. I asked him to oil /grease it, still did not work so he hit it with a deadblow hammer, it went right in & has worked well since. I did remove all excess grease & oil later to prevent it collecting dirt
  3. Amen about the jeep. I've been towing a 04 Jeep Unlimited for about 25K miles, NO acc mileage, battery ran down only one time(co-pilot turned key ONE notch too far). We use a Blue Ox tow bar & base plates. We have driven the Jeep 30K miles as well as towing. We have yet to have any problem towing
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