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  1. Do you downshift or leave it? How many RPM do you run when going up hill?
  2. sounds like you will tell Bob Tiffin. He is a great guy and he would like to know. I have a Tiffin Zephyr and they do make a great MH.
  3. I changed my filters & fluid-- easy only tool 9.5 gal. of tran synd.
  4. When you have 500 HP you need a tag for the extra weight of the motor & trans.
  5. Have driven this road before. It has a lot of view spots and it is a good road I towed over it with my stacker trailer 75'. Just take your time and enjoy.
  6. If there isn't enough weight on the tag can it cause the drive tires to spin or not get the mileage out of the tires? I think that is my problem. Please advise.
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