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  1. John W.Hughes US Navy MS1[sS] 20 years Various surface and submarine commands
  2. John Hughes MS1[sS] Berwick Penna. USS Daniel Boone SSBN [blue] USS Ulyssis S.Grant SSBN [blue] USS Ulyssis S.Grant SSBN [Gold] Retired in 1980
  3. Thanks for your service guys!!! John W.Hughes USN MS1[sS] 2o years and a couple of months enlisted in 1963 Served on various serfice commands for 10 years and 10 years Submarine Service USS Daniel Boone and USS US Grant. last 10 years out of Holy Lock Scotland.
  4. Oxy-clean works great mix up a little in a spray bottle spray on stain and blot off with a paper towel.
  5. Oxy-clean works great ,mix some up in a spray bottle ,spray on and blot offf with a paper towel.
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