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  1. The by-pass valve is in the normal position. I have heard since my post that it may be a check valve at the end of the HW tank. If it sticks, it won't let water flow in the correct direction. Any thoughts?
  2. After I de-winterized, I don't have any pressure on the hot water line. The pressure on the hot lines, drops off to a trickle. If I open a second faucet in the hot-cold mix position, it will increase the pressure on the hot line in the other faucet. If I open two faucets in the hot position, it's as if it creates a vacuum and I get only a dribble. I have released the pressure on the water heater until water runs out. I'm puzzled as to why I get pressure on the cold line but no on the hot! Any suggestions as to what might be causing this? 08 ITASCA
  3. I just de-winterized and now I have very little pressure on the hot water faucets. If I open a second faucet in the hot-cold mix, the pressure increases a little on the other open hot valve. I have opened the pressure relief valve on the tank but that did't seem to do much to increase the hot water pressure. This is the first time I ever experienced this! Anyone have any suggestions? 08 ITASCA
  4. We are considering inside storage at Boat RV Auto Storage in Orlando from April 2014 to Jan. 2015. Does anyone have any experience with this type of storage and were there any issues with humidity/condensation etc. ? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I have determined that the reason for the 5 amp fuse blowing is a fault with the step controller. After removing the wire that connects the engine override for the step, the fuse remains good and all the other problems are resolved.
  6. I own a 2008 Itasca Suncruiser and have a number of issues with my 12v electrical. I'm not sure if they are all related or not. First the coach heater that runs off the engine while driving has no power to the switch, but power at the fuse box. Second, the house batteries don't charge while driving... no 12 v power going to the battery mode solenoid. Third, no power going to the 6 amp breaker ( under the entry step) that controls the step when the engine is turned on and the 5 amp step alarm fuse (under the drivers side) keeps blowing. If anyone knows what might be causing all these issues, I would be very thankful. It's puzzled me for over 5 months. Thanks, M. Kenway
  7. Hi Mr. TranSynd: I was driving my 36 ft. Itasca Suncruiser and felt like it was bucking, especially when it was down shifting. I checked the transmission fluid and noticed it was low. Is it normal for this to happen when the fluid is low? It's on a Workhorse Chassis with an Allison transmission. Thanks, 08 Suncruiser
  8. Thanks for your suggestion! It looks like a good option. I looked at that route before, but was afraid it wouldn't be the best option for winter driving. I will take a different route this winter. Thanks MKenway
  9. I travel from Newfoundland to Florida in January. I have a 36 ft. Suncruiser with a toad. I have taken I 95 to I-90 and then I-84 west to I-81 south. The highway East of Scranton, PA and south of Scranton is very rough, so I was wondering if someone might have a smoother route. I would prefer to stay away from the large cities on I-95. I was wondering if 84 west to 287 south and then I-80 or I-78 West to I-81 would be a smoother ride. I was hoping not to have too much mountainous highway. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. MKenway
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