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  1. Hello, I need ask all of the RV Guru's of the forum a question that hopefully someone can help with. First a little background. I've had a Check engine light on my coach for a few months; it's been running like a top since we had the alternator replaced back in September. About then is when the light first appeared, we've made several short trips since it first appeared no more than 2 hours from home and have had no issues. The engine starts with little effort, and runs until I shut it down. Prior to each use I run it no less than 20 minutes at idle and run it about 20 minutes prior to shut down after we reach our destination. Last week I purchased a Silverleaf VMSPC from the rvupgradestore.com yesterday I had the chance to hook it up and it was great it gave me the readout for my check engine and I’m hoping someone can help me figure out what it actually is. I didn't try to reset the code and am curious as to if this could have been caused by the changed out alternator or if it is possible that I hooked the alternator up incorrectly. Errors as shown on VMSPC: ENG PID 237 11 Start Enable Device Unknown Failure 14:11 01-29-2012 ENG PID 237 0 Start Enable Device High Reading 14:19 01-29-2012 ENG PID 313 2 Unknown Component Invalid Data Unknown The Engine is a Cummins ISC 8.3L (300 HP) in an American Tradition Any information would greatly be appreciated. Thank You, Bryan King
  2. Brett thanks for the reply, I did the valve trick didn't seem to work. But, I don’t know about the electric solenoid. I'm asuming that would stop the flow if I didnt have power or if I had a leak detector go off?
  3. Hello. This past weekend the wife and I had the opportunity to take the coach out for a few days. Since we had not been out in a few weeks we had turned the LP tank off so we didn’t have any possibility of a gas leak. Well, I ended up having a little issue that I haven’t seen on the forums lately. When I arrived and got everything set up I turned on the LP Gas and tried to lite the stove and water heater. But nothing would lite. I went out to check that I had Gas, the gauge on the tank shows almost full. I loosened the vapor valve just to check that the gauge was still functioning and gas came out of the valve. I again went in to try the stove, opened all 3 burners using a long lighter this time and still no fire. It’s like I have gas in the tank but no flow. I checked that the valve was open I even went as far as to leave it half way just to make sure. I turned the valve to close let it sit about 10 or 15 min then reopened it still nothing. Is it possible that the regulator has frozen up or what else could it be? Thanks, Bryan King 1999 American Tradition 40TVS Lakeland, Florida
  4. Hello folks, This weekend the family and I went out for a short trip to one of Florida's beautiful beaches. While there I noticed that the rear of my coach wasn't dropping quite as low as the one 2 spaces down. I guess I never noticed it before but since we had the mother in law along she mentioned that it seemed to be a big step to get up in the door. As I looked and had a conversation with Mike (didn’t catch his last name) it seems he had a ’98 American Tradition while mine is a ’99 we came to the conclusion that there wasn’t much of a difference in the two. As we spoke I asked him why his coach set lower than mine He said that he allowed all of the air to dump prior to leveling. Basically he said he turned on the leveling system and the air dumped from all 4 bags (front & Rear) so we tried the same with mine and it looks like the front does release but the rear never sets down so when I try to level the coach the front jack extends what seems to be fully. (Which leaves my first step about 12 or more inches (his was about 6 or so) off the ground.) I guess my question or questions are: # 1 which is normal and I guess if mine is incorrect # 2 what would be a possible fix? Thanks for any help.
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