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  1. Not sure you have the same issue, but the common problem many of us had with the RV Comfort Control.zc thermostat from that era was its digital display would lock up with 00 showing. That would shut down the units and prevent any change or restart with the controls until it was reset. Resetting is accomplished by temporarily pulling the 12 vdc fuse for the thermostat (or shutting down the complete 12 vdc source temporarily). The cause of the 00 locked up condition according to the manufacturer was RFI (radio frequency interference) effecting their electronic circuit board. They went through several design revisions to the circuit board behind your thermostat, before finding a solution that fixed it for most of us. The source of the RFI causing the lock up for some was the flourescent light fixture ballast and some had success upgrading their fixtures to low RFI ballasts. There are many other possible RFI sources in todays RV: cell charger, PC charger, etc. Mine would go into lock up 00 state in the middle of the night with no lights turned on, and the problem went away completely only after I had a newer vintage circuit board installed. If that's not the problem you were trying to describe, sorry I can't help.
  2. The only limitation like this is that you're entitled to one covered service "per incident", and thats standard for almost all of the RV road service plans. ie: if you have a flat tire and/or mechanical breakdown at the same time, Coach-net will pay for either a road service response or a tow, not both for that same "incident". Its important you understand the total problems and the corrections available by the road service company before you request their service. Sometimes its best to talk directly to the road service mechanic first, not just the phone answerer at Coach-net. If you ask for a road service response, and then after they come out, they discover they can't fix all your issues on the side of the road, then you used up your one covered service per incident and the tow cost is now on you. Thats why some of us carry both Coach-net and Good Sam ERS, its cheap insurance to have multiple choices & coverages.
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