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  1. Thanks to all. We will give the factory another chance to make things right (fix, replace or buy back) as for LDays, NEVER AGAIN!! I would also like to note here that Newmar ALWAYS made things right without any fights. My wife and I had talked with many AC owners and made our decision based on all the positive owners of AC coaches. Our coach must have slipped by the quality control people. Thanks Again. See you on the road.
  2. I have not gone away, just trying to make sure my next move is a good one. I am 61 years old and do not feel I can have to many more experiences like this. Have had 2 newmars and also had typical problems with them, but never treated so poorly. I here man y of you saying lawyer up. I sure would like to have a company like AC stand up and do the right thing so I could come back here and tell you all how great they treated me. I do feel that all the water that has come into the ceiling and walls of this Dream will produce mold and health problems for my wife and I. Yes, Lazy D, did nothing to help us and after sitting on their lot for a week we gave in and drove to factory in Indianana in winter.
  3. Have owned 2016 American Coach Dream for 7 months, not 1 of which has been trouble free. This is our 3rd new class A coach,(we are not new to RVing). All started the first day we paid for it. The nice man at LazyDays turned his back to us and said our problems were not theirs, but for another $100,000 we could trade it back in. (Yes that is what he said). Next we had to deal with American Coach,drove to factory, after 2 weeks, left factory, that day water leaked from ceiling, mud flap fell off on interestate, since then trim has fallen off, bed frame fell apart, tile has cracked, water pump sounds like it is taking off, water leeks from under Aqua Hot unit, ignition switch fell out, drive train shakes, tag looses air, water again leaking from air conditioners into ceiling lights and vents (can you say MOLD)? These along with many other problems with this coach has led us to feel that American Coach should buy it back and use it to teach their workers how NOT to build a coach. American Coach uses the Dream in many advertising pictures. I would like to show new buyers my pictures.
  4. Lazydays NO WAY they just abandon you as soon as they get your money. They have many good people working there, but the sales department talks nice as they stick it to you.
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  6. My recommendation is to go as far away from Lazydays as you can. Run don't walk. We bought a new 2016 coach in January 2016, our 3rd one in 6 years. We were told to pick it up January 30. Feb 7 we left and drove 30 miles away and parked for night. PROBLEMS started, water leaks amongst other things. Mind you this $500 thousand RV had only been driven from the Indiana factory to Lazydays. Called them, drove back there after much discussion, they told us for another $100,000.00 we could trade it back in for a coach that was $17,000 LESS than ours. Can you say INSULT!!! Much more talking, but nothing fixed. After another week we have know abandoned our winter Florida vacation only to take this brand new coach back to factory in Indiana so the factory can work on it. (It should never have left the factory in the first place) but at least they say they will make it right. Lazydays will never get another cent from us. In this day of social media, I plan to warn everyone I can about how they abandoned us as soon as we paid. It is unfortunate that I have to do this. It is truly the sales department at LD, not the other employees. I hope things work out for you, but would hate to see another person treated so poorly.
  7. My King sat receiver has a bit of red in the green light and I get ni-signal on my TV. Any ideas? Thanks, Ric
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