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  1. I agree with you...I've got a 90 ford p/u with a diesel in it...bought it new. Never had any thing but K&N filter in her and she now has over 500,000 miles on her,and still going strong.. My new Monaco has one in it also!! K&N has been in business a long time and wouldn't be if they weren't doing it right..
  2. I have a 2011 Monaco I purchased new . Had the same problem..Jacks down, front slide bout 6 inches out and it quit...In my owners book it had a procedure to go thru to manually close slide and raise jacks..Worked fine! called Lippert and they shipped a new one to a local dealer here inOklahoma ( bought the unit in Texas) Dealer changed pump and sent bill to Lippert..They paid for everthing!! Cost me nothing out of pocket. ( I no-Hard to believe,but true) Lippert told me they had change the shaft seals to a neoprene seal cause the fluid was eating the rubber ones up. Been 3 years now and no more problems...Now I carry a electric drill a 3 inch extension and a 9/16 socket in case it happens again!!
  3. I have a 40-foot Monaco motorhome and tow a Jeep Rubicon. Can I tow my bass boat behind the jeep, also?
  4. Onaquest...You are absolutely correct.....GFCI receptacles are NOT load sensitive!!!!! They only detect a leakage between the ground and the return !!!
  5. Well,lets see: After they (Monaco) filed for bankruptcy, Navstar bought them. Now the company that owns Fleetwood owns them. By the way HERMAN are you coming up this year to the Shawnee show? Let me no,we need to meet!
  6. We tow 2011 Wrangler Rubicon ..There is no lock on steering wheel either!! We make sure tranny is in park(auto trans)and transfer case is in neutral,key in pocket, and your ready to go..Toooo easy!
  7. I tried to get Monaco to send me the dash and they wouldn't...Why I don't know ....Since they have been sold a couple of times, I'm sure I'm just a memory.
  8. There was (at the time) no Monaco dealers in Okla. so every effort to get warranty work done entailed a 400 mile trip...I did find a dealer to do some work but they were so backed-up it was ridiculous..They told me they take care of theirs first(which I understand) Monaco never refused warranty work. They said take it to my dealer and they would see it got fixed....Well here we go again!! Dealer said they ordered parts, Monaco said they didn't no what they were talking about.. Finally Monaco said they sent dealer a new dash(new one was delaminated),dealer said they never received it. so on and so on. meanwhile Monaco sells a couple of times and my 300K MH sits and falls apart. Mostly everything wrong is fixed by adjusting or is cosmetic. Wife still can.t open front door cause its so far out of adjustment..and dash has never been fixed,but over the last year got most everything else fixed(no thanks to motorhome spec. or Monaco)..Next time I'll buy from local dealer regardless of the brand,or I'll do without!! OK, I'm done crying!!
  9. If I were you I'd stay as far away from motorhome spec.as you can!!! I bought from them in 2011 and will never do business with those bums again!!! Service after the sale was non-existent! Bought a new unit (paid cash for it) took it back for warranty work and nothing was done. They had the unit for 30 days and nothing and I mean nothing was done! Took the Monaco back 4 time(400 miles round trip each time) and still nothing was done..Called Monaco and no help their either!! To this day, warranty work has never been done!!! Monaco since then has changed hands several times, so ,Beware!!! This dealership is only as good as service after the sale!! Which is NONE!! I won't even drive threw Alvarado Tx..I go around!! I have spent a lot of money getting this new Monaco into shape... So..Buyer Beware and stay away from motorhome spec in Alvarado Tx and Monaco MH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I agree with ticat900...no mortgage of any kind if your retired...Go with what you can afford.
  11. ticat900 is right....be very very carful if you go to motorhome specialist in texas....they will lie to you in a minute... I bought a new unit from them in 2011 and paid cash for it ...what a mistake!!! their service after the sale is not there... they could care less after they got your money....will never ever do business with those lie'n things again!!! and Monaco wasn't much better! still don't have things fixed that should have been taken care of under new motorhome warranty.. Herman is right..rent one first then see if you can find one from a private party..If you deal with a motorhome dealer make sure everything they say is in writing!!! or better yet TAPE everthing..Let us know how everthing goes!
  12. bizsmith...Why don't you tell us a few tales of the good ones...I haven't had a good laugh in a long time!!
  13. You can buy them at Lowes.. half the price of Camping World.
  14. When buying a used motorhome, you can not use GOOD and HONEST in the same sentence!!! I've had better luck buying from (the good old boy next door) than any dealer..
  15. thanks guys....I'll check all the connections next week..right now we are kinda busy getting everything here back to normal or as close to normal as we can... we live in Moore Oklahoma.....I'll let you know what I find....Thanks for all the help...BUTCH
  16. What do you think about the changing of the transfer switch? I don't remember having this problem with the old switch...Interesting!!!
  17. I just remembered I had the transfer switch changed due to a recall...hummm!!!!Butch
  18. ****... In the owners manual the book says there is a 12 sec. delay built into the system so they won't start at the same time causing an overload...With that being said, I checked and the delay is working...now with only one air on (front) it still does the same thing...gen starts the air fine..when it reaches temp the thermostat shuts the unit off....when temp rises the gen won't start it...turn the ac off with the switch turn back on and gen will start it...now not tooting my horn, but I was an Aircraft Electrician for a long time working for the federal gov't so I will find the problem if I have to replace every wire in this thing....called Monaco..yea right...they didn't even know what day it was...I do have an extended warr.but have never used it...kind-of afraid what I may get back!!! I'll do some more checking before I decide what I'm going to do...I'll keep you informed.......Butch
  19. Wolfe....the gen continues to run...no ,the gen doesn't die...just won't restart the ac's til I turn them off and turn the switch for the ac's back on. Works fine on shore power.....gen rpm increases like its trying to start ac but goes back to idle in about 2 seconds. Gen runs fine once ac's start and carries everything in the coach fine. Loaded up gen with everything I could think of and works fine.
  20. I have a 2011 Monaco Caymen 41 ft'er. Here's the problem......with the gen running(8kw quiet diesel) I turn the airs on(2) and when the airs reach temp they turn off, when the temp raises the gen won't start them. Turn the airs off then back on and they start fine..is it in the airs or in the gen.....????
  21. Herman.....What is an arn??? hehe!!!
  22. First thing I would do is Check the fuse..Had one do the same thing and the fuse was popped! Replace the fuse and worked fine ever since..
  23. TButler......Now I don't care who you are!!! That was funny!!!!!!
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