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  1. We are looking to buy a model in a campground then will rent the ground it's on. I don't understand what kind of loan we need. The title says MH so I am guessing it's titled as a motorhome not an RV? So I'm not sure if we can get an RV loan based on what the bank says, and we are not sure if it can be done as an RV loan or a personal loan. Rates are better as an RV loan. But they don't consider the Florida room on it when they look up the Nada blue book value of it if we do an RV loan. I've called several banks but none seem to understand enough to give us advice. I would appreciate any advice: Details. We want to buy a used model with a Florida room, etc., already on it, already has been there for years. We will lease the campground space it's set up on, not own that. Thanks.
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