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  1. As promised....A FINE gentleman with the exact year and model rig was kind enough to open his dash and send this photo. One can zoom in after downloading it to make it easier to see. Cheers for everyone's help....
  2. It doesn't have any markings that I can find, but that is a good lead. Thank You.....
  3. Hi Rich, I've been off the forum for months...I'm a 100% P&T vet and the VA captured me and was trying to help...seriously trying. However, no joy or improvement. I got back into the rig after six months of it setting in one place and I have all kinds of things not working: 1. Speedo 2. Power door locks quit working. Remote works, relay clicks, door and compartments don't lock or unlock. Can't find fuse. 3. One of the bedroom slides will not open. Three of the four work great. The pump runs, but makes the sound that it makes when it's fully open. It will try to close (goes one way but not the other). Cant find anything blocking it. It's level. Tried in travel mode and with levelers down...no luck. 4. Fresh water tank leaks at 75% full...must have a crack but it was in Florida all winter so it didn't freeze. 5. Got a suspension air leak somewhere...slow...very slow...takes about two days for it to leak down. Passes the DOT air brake test with no problem. 6. Giard awning over door will not close. I have power to switch. 2-6 all happened as a surprise when I go out of the hospital. These things sure do not like to be stored. Or God is just testing me. Thanks for the link... It's SO SO good to chat with you again. Leo
  4. PLEASE, help!!! I had some dash work done at a campground by one of the "mobile" repair teams. Basically, they replaced a couple of dash lights and repaired a worn wire going to my radio. However, when I drove out of the campground my speedometer went crazy. It is reading about 50mph higher than I am actually going. I confirmed this with a GPS. This also effects my odo causing it to show I'm traveling many more miles than I am actually going. I contacted the repairman and they "claim" they didn't do anything near the speedometer or anything that might effect it...so they told me "not our problem." I'm guessing that maybe they accidentally hit one or more of the 12 dip switches on the back of the speedometer. I can't find any markings to id what brand or model speedometer I actually have. It's an 85mph speedo. I've been all over the web for hours and found several formulas, but require information I don't have along with the make and model of the speedometer. I'm praying someone has one of there rigs and is willing to tell me their settings, or someone has or can tell me where to find the settings. God bless y'all, Leo
  5. Well, first let me start with two points: 1. I AM NOT AN EXPERT and only tell you what we did. 2. I'm not exactly sure "why" you want to maintain VA (personal property tax on your rig, lower insurance rates, etc), but that is YOUR decision and not mine for sure. Simply put, do nothing... You still own the house and unless you do something to establish residency somewhere else, you plan to return to VA, and don't stay so long in one of the states that require you to get their tags, license, etc. - You should have no issue. My wife is STILL a VA resident and has her VA CCW, but I went to SD, got driver's license, tags, title, and YES CCW. Now, insurance is 40% less than VA, tags are less, and I do not have to pay VA personal property tax of $520.00 per month. I understand that if you are lucky enough to be in the one or two counties that do not tax RVs that may not make a difference, but to us it did. JUST my two cents.
  6. There is some merit in your comment. However, there are several things that I would like to try with the Silverleaf. For one, BIGGER gagues for my poor old eyes.....
  7. Fair enough, I think that has the same issue. How did you get them both plugged into the single connector?
  8. Anyone using BOTH a ScanGauge D and a Silverleaf at the same time. Both seem to offer advantages, but of course I only have one connector upfront. I've looked for a Y capable, but haven't found one yet. Thoughts? Thanks in advance. Leo
  9. Friends: Thanks for all your help. Just in case anyone else needs the information: DRIVER SIDE FRONT HEADLIGHT 2000-2002 Lincoln LS 00-02 HL ASY LH Partslink Number: FO2502174 OEM Number: 2W4Z 13008 CA/ XW4Z 13008 GA/2W4Z 13008 DB Left (Drivers) Side. SKU: 331-1185L-AS Kindest Regards; Leo
  10. Thanks Herman. Been doing that. I can't find any close to me, but I did find one for sale across the country. I sent an email and am hoping for a response. In the meantime, here is what it looks like
  11. Dear Friends: Despite my best efforts to avoid driving at night, sometimes the situation demands it. The headlights on my 2005 Holiday Rambler Navigator has been resurfaced and the DOT markings are gone. I have already replaced the bulbs with SilverStar Ultra bulbs (http://www.sylvania.com/en-us/products/automotive/Pages/silverstar-ultra.aspx) and it doesn't help much. That said, it did help the high-beams and they are more than acceptable now, but who gets to use those much? I checked the voltage at the headlights and have 13.4 volts with the engine running and the lights on. The voltage doesn't drop on high beams. That said, I don't thing I have a low voltage issue. I really think my problem is that someone has refinished the covers poorly and even now that they are clear, the light diffusion may be off. That said, I really don't know what I am talking about...... :-) I did have a shop check them and they said that its not a headlight alignment issue and suspect my guess about the resurfacing may be correct. They commented about the significant grinding that had been done on the covers and that it would not take much to break them. I can find a new pair of the original type lights on eBay, but I would like to find out where HR got the original lights so I can research my options with newer light technology. I emailed the guy with the lights and he will not send me the numbers off of them. Bugger.... Any help is greatly appreciated and I thank you all in advance for readying this. With greatest respect; Leo
  12. I carry Coach-Net. Best tool in the rig....
  13. I use a pawn shop. I drop off the guns (pawn them) and then reclaim them upon return. Pretty inexpensive. WHATEVER, you do....DO NOT go near the Canidian Border with a handgun in your vehicle. They have NO SENSE of humor. A handgun in Canada is considered a RESTRICTED weapon and will land you in jail without questions. Best of luck.....
  14. Hi Carol: I too need oxygen 24/7 thanks to the first Golf War. I currently use these two portable machines: Respironics EverGoI bought this machine for travel and constant use. It's a great machine and will hold two batteries. that gives me about 6 hours use. HOWEVER, this machine only does pulse and will not work at night when I am on my APAP machine. However, for daytime use I prefer this machine. I use this one while driving the coach or other vehicle because it fits by the seat better. Sequal Eclipse 3 (The current model is the Eclipse 5 - I don't know the difference)I bought this machine to use with the APAP machine. It does both constant and pulse with a single button push to change betwen the two. If I am flying somewhere, this is the machine I take because I can use it 24/7 even with the APAP machine. HOWEVER, the battery on lasts me about 2.5 hours, it is a little bit louder than the Easy-go, and it physically is larger. However, the weight between the two is close. I keep this one in the coach by the bed. Both get the job done as I would expect the Inogen to be good as well. If you are looking at the Inogen One G3, it seems to be a little less capable than the EasyGo and it is pulse ONLY. It also only goes to 4 Bolos. You should consider the pressure your husband needs. I need 5 Lpm at night so this certainly would not work for me. This is the company I deal with: http://www.oxygenconcentratoro2.com/ They seem to be very good at talking you through the options once they see your perscription (you will need one to buy a machine legally - medical equipment and all). Their prices seem to be the lowest I have found, but several companies sell for the same lower price. I especially like how fast they ship and how easy they are to deal with.... I use a Respironics EverFlo Q at fixed locations. I dig it out of the trailer to give the Esclipse a break. The EverFlo is certainly not for carring around, but it is much less expensive than the mobile devices and to goes to 5 Lpm and I love it. However, it does take a lot of room in the bedroom so I can only really use it when the slides are open and everything is in its "were here" locations. If we are not fully setup, it's not going to fit... I couldn't get the VA to play nice so I just made it a financial priority. An option maybe to get the EverFlo if you have the space and then use the tank during the day. That would be the least expensive start and then you could add a mobile machine later. The big warning I will offer is KNOW IF YOU NEED CONSTANT, PULSE or BOTH. If you have questions, please ask. These are not inexpensive and the decision on which one is best depends a lot on your medical requirements, lifestyle and space available. Cheers; leo
  15. Hey Brett: My Holiday Rambler came with Dextron III. Is it a bad idea to use full syntec? I do a fair amount of winter travel in Canada where the temps are normally well below zero. What do you think?
  16. Thanks for posting this. I too have read and talked to folks that say this wrapping helps, but then others seem to say no. Glad to hear that you are having sucess.
  17. Hi Bill. What receivers does the AM-21 work with?
  18. Another RV'er helped. Well done Bill...
  19. The BEST "Smart phone" is the one YOU are smart enough to use for your needs. Some are so complex one never figures them out. Others have less options, but make sense to YOU so you get more out of it.
  20. Gee, what do you know... Seems to take you to the same spot... Interesting....
  21. This is the one I bought and it works great. http://www.dieselboss.com/mount_for_gps.htm Cheers
  22. Great idea. Thanks for the offer Bill. I have my "SWM" up and working great. While the guy was at it, he even installed an A/B switch and an external coax and 12v jack so I can use my Winegard Carryout without running cables through the window. He mentioned that they were working on gifts for the less fortunate children at his church and if I wanted to do anything, I could help with that. We "adopted" the remaining five that no one wanted and $800.00 later they are going to have a GOOD Christmas. It is the least we could do for someone who is looking out for someone other than themselves. It is so rare in this country it seems.
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