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  1. Wayne, I couldn't disagree stronger with the prior posts! I am one who will over turn every rock in order to get a deal. I searched high and low after buying my 06 National Tropical in Phoenix, Az. I was offered warranties that were at an outrageous price, $2000 to $3000. I received quotes from Good Sam and several other companies. All of there prices were high and only for a one year contract so they could then raise your premium the next year if you submitted too many repairs. Well, I found Americanrvwarranties.com and spoke to Scott. He is located in Washington State. After getting a quote from him 5 years or 50,000 miles for $1200 with a $50 premium on a warranty called The Plan I couldn't believe it. I was quoted by a dealer for the exact same coverage with the same company for $2500. I contacted the companys administrator to verify if this company was legit. They confirmed everything was good. I submitted my full payment, and my paperwork was processed quickly. I again called the administrator to make sure that my payment and policy was submitted to them. They confirmed all the paperwork was received by them. I recently had some work completed on my coach and the Plan covered almost all of my problems as promised. They covered $800 worth of work. Wayne, if you didn't do anything yet, check out this website Americanrvwarranties.com and call Scott. He will quickly get back to you with a quote. Mention my name to Scott!
  2. If you plan on just stopping to sleep, why not stay at Flying J or Walmart? We just returned from Phoenix Arizona to NJ in four days and stopped at these places to recharge our batteries. Just make sure that the Walmart does not have any restrictions. (signs posted) They usually do not have a problem allowing a short stay. Truck stops were fine for us. We pulled in between two tractor trailers a z'd out for seven hours. No problem what so ever. Save your money and put it towards a nice dinner for the both of you! Happy motoring
  3. Additionally Wayne, I hear that Monaco is not far behind folding and Fleetwood is just around the block! The motorhome industry is taking a big hit right along with everybody else!
  4. Hello everybody! We just made it back from Phoenix on Friday night 2/13. Everybodys advise was helpful in one way or another. We left Phoenix on Tuesday morning and decided to take the I10 route since Flagstaff, Az. received 20 inches of snow Monday night and was expecting another 10 inches on Tuesday. The dealer (Desert Autoplex in Tempe, Az) told us it never rains there but we must have brought 2 inches of New Jersey rain Monday night. (At least we were able to check for roof leaks) We traveled I10 to I20 to I30 to I40 to I81 to I78 into New Jersey. The trip went well considering the extreme winds during the entire trip and Arkansas State Police pulling us over for 1 hour while they searched our coach for narcotics as they thought something was suspicious since they found two VIN #'s on the coach. Even after explaining to them that there is a chasis VIN and coach VIN as well as identifying myself as a police officer, they still continued to pry! Without a doubt, a much different approach of doing police work as we do in New Jersey. Anyhow, we are back home safe and sound and again thanks to all who posted helpful tips. Be safe!
  5. Thanks everybody for the responses. You have all convinced me to stay south of I40 which was my original route. I will also watch the weather. Be safe everybody!
  6. Hello All! I am a newbie to FMCA and just navigating around this website. Next week I am flying to Phoenix Arizona to pick up my 06 Tropi-cal Class A coach. This is the first time I will be driving from the west coast back home to NJ. I am trying to get some insight from you experienced cross country travels as to what is the best route. I would like to stay south while traveling east in order to avoid any unexpected snow fall. I believe Interstate 20 is a major roadway which can take me accross the US for the most part. I then anticipate picking up Interstate 95 and taking it north into NJ. If anybody has any guidance for me, it would be appreciated. Thank you and be safe!
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