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  1. I purchased a new 2011 Holiday Rambler Alumalite 32' in June of 2011. In May of 2012 I had to have warranty work done because of a stress crack in the fiberglass over cab. Now I located a leak in the over cab near the driver's side, possibly coming from the window. I brought the coach in for service. Now Monaco/Navistar/Holiday Rambler is saying that they will not warranty it because, "It is my responsibility to make sure there are no water intrusions." and that the coach is out of warranty. The coach was "technically" out of warranty in June of 2012, 2.5 months ago. But shouldn't a brand new coach stay free from water intrusion for more than a year? The dealer wants $800 to fix it, saying that the whole over cab must be resealed at all seams. This is my first RV, and purchased new because I was sure that I would not have problems like this for at least a few years. There must be something I can do, isn't there? I contacted Monaco/Navistar/Holiday Rambler, but the Tech rep. was nothing short of RUDE. I have never dealt with someone that was so sarcastic and condescending like he was. I asked to speak to someone above him and I was told that there was not anyone that I could speak to. Can someone please point me in the correct direction? If I am headed in the correct direction, well then, it is what it is and I will pay up and shut up. But if this is not a situation that should be happening, then I will put my head down and fight. Thank you, Eric
  2. I would be interested to know as well. I have been looking at this for the front of my Class C. I purchased the Ultra-Fab Power Twin II for the rear. Will be installing it next week. The Ultra-Fab will not work for the front so this QTG looks decent. I am looking more for stabilization than for leveling for my set up.
  3. Thank you very much for the response. I will be moving towards the purchase of this product. The product will be installed on the main frame itself, and I will remember not to raise the rear wheels off the ground. Thank you again, Eric
  4. Good day to all. First off I am new to RVing, this past June my wife and I purchased a brand new Holiday Rambler Alumalite 32' Class C. We have been camping in it just about once per month since the purchase, and love it. We have been getting a little more progressive with our leveling each time we have camped. The first trip we lived with the unlevelness of the RV; since we have been using the commercially available leveling blocks, which are ok. We have kids so we get some movement when they toss and turn in bed, so stabilization is also important to us. I have recently been looking at the Ultra-Fab Power Twin II model 22 system for the rear of our RV. I have been researching it on the web and have reached out to the manufacturer; everything seems good. Ultra-fab stated their system will work for the rear of our RV; however they did not have a viable system for the front. I wanted to reach out to the FMCA community to see if this will work. Unfortunately we just don't have the funds to purchase a "true" hydraulic leveling and stabilization system. So I guess what I'm trying to find out is: Will I damage the frame by using a system like this? Will it provide any significant stabilization/leveling? Will I need some type of system for the front? Thank you for any and all suggestions.
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