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  1. Beware of KOA Cedar City, Utah. I tried to stay at the KOA in Cedar City, Utah 1 year ago and had issues with power pedestal to my Motorhome in site B13. The park manager said he would have an electrician check the pedestal and contact me with the findings. He indicated that there was nothing wrong with the pedestal and that the park would not accept responsibility for the damage to my auto transformer or transfer switch in my Motorhome. I again went to the same campground on July 18th in site B12 and had the same issue again. They told me it was my RV that was the problem. I knew better because I was using my RV for the last year without an issue. I left the campground and move 1 mile down the street to another campground and had no issues during my entire weeks stay. Our friends also had a reservation at the KOA in Cedar City, Utah and they stayed at the park in site B14. Someone else parked in site B13 and they were having power issues as well. Again the park told him it was his rig. I regret that I will not be staying at this KOA in the future as long as the campground is under the current management.
  2. Mr. Fanelli replied to my email and I have added his response below. The Hughes should be closest to the power pole. Thomas E. Fanelli, President Progressive Industries 414B Airport Boulevard Morrisville, NC 27560 (919) 462-8280 fax: 919-462-6132 tfanelli@progressiveindustries.net Based on this it appears that an autotransformer will work with this unit. I will let you all know when I get to the Ralley in Albuquerque next month.
  3. Has anyone used this unit with an autotransformer? I am considering one but have heard that they do not work with autotransformers.
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