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  1. Thanks for all your help. I spoke with Winnebago today. I looks likely that the Intellitec smart energy management circuit board is faulty and needs replacement. On my coach this unit is behind the main circuit breaker switch near the front of the bed. As long as I disconnect all electrical supplies then it looks like a simple replacement. It costs somewhere between $4-500 for the unit so I'll take another quick look before taking the plunge. I'll post another note if it works (or not). Many thanks!
  2. Many thanks for the advice. I found the main power panel, it is accessable from the front of the coach, next to the generator. How do you tell if a circuit breaker is good, does it pop out if it's tripped? I'm thinking I've an issue because the Intellitec panel inside the motorhome indicates 30 amp even when I'm plugged into 50. The electrical heat pump also seems to struggle below 30 degrees (which may be normal) We'll be in Vegas tomorrow at which time I'll see if I can get in touch with Winnebago for advice Many thanks! Chris
  3. Thanks wsnewhall, appreciate your offer - will certainly look you up if we head by Stockton - many thanks
  4. Many thanks - it's definately a 50 amp coach I'm thing that as mr boyer says 'a breaker is off in your main power panel (not the main breaker), a power management system may "think" that only 30 amp service is available' Only problem is that I don't know where the main power panel is or what it looks like or how I access the breakers. Thanks for your advice so far
  5. Hi - I'm a newbie. We've had our 2005 Winnebago Journey 39ft since the Summer and I'm struggling to get 50 amp power inside the motorhome. We've plugged into many 50 amp outlets at different campsites but all I can see on the panel is 30 amp. Part of the problem is that I'm a real novice with electrics so I'm not really sure where to look...the inverter? the panel etc... Perhaps there's someone kind enough to point me in the right direction? By the way, we're on a winter trip from our home near Mt Rainer, WA to Vegas, Anneheim, San Diego, Sonoma and in January back home - we're enjoying RVing a lot. Many thanks! Chris
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