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  1. I have not done a global search on this topic but being new to this forum I thought the following might help some people. Sprint and ATT offer a military discount to active and retired military members. I do not know if they offer a discount to non-retired veterans. I have the discount on my cell phone and an air card. For each one it is 20% which is the same as the discount offered to their employees. The other services might offer a military discount, but I have not checked. One thing I do know is that they do not advertise this discount.
  2. I agree with Brett Wolfe. Call Freightliner and get their info. I would then call Filter.com (800-919-8893) and talk to them about a replacement filter. I just did that on my ECO filter and saved $35 on the filter over the dealer pricing and saved even more since I do not charge myself for labor. Plus, Filter.com ships free over $50.
  3. Tony could you give me a quote on a set of 6 XZA3+Evertread 275/80R22.5 load range H tires. Also, about a month ago you mentioned a 1 800 Tire 911 program. Could you tell us more?
  4. Tony, I understand the concept of the program but why is there no way for the customer to find out what the final price is until you get an email from Michelin? I would imagine that any trucking firm that is using the program would, after several purchases, have an understanding of their discount. However, RV owners only buy tires once every 5-7 years. Isn't there an approximate percentage discount that FMCA members can use to get a general understanding as to the price on a specific tire once they get a quote from a dealer? I currently have XZA3 275/80 22.5 LRH on my coach. Is there a better tire for me to use? Also, would you give me a quote on that the XZA3. Just the tire, as all of the other numbers a locally determined.
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