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  1. Hankook does not show my tire size, I need 295/80/22.5 and they only show 295/75/22.5 and do not list the load rating, which is why I am hesitant to consider, both Continental and Michelin show my tires size in load range H. If available is it possible to go to the next load range as my coach is heavy and if so would that be a load range I and is that available. Any help is appreciated
  2. Thank you for your help, I need to do this but not for a couple of months, still in research stage, sounds like I should stay away from Hankook
  3. Planning to replace the tires on my coach within the next several months and viewed what FMCA offers. I do have some questions: Currently I have Michelins XZA2 295/80r/22.5 Hankook does not have my exact size but the closest is 295/75r/22.5 and the FMCA price is between $313 and $417 with no explanation on the differences Continential has my exact tire and the FMCA price is $547 Michelins exact match to what I have on coach now and the FMCA price is $671.67 Big difference in price, looking for advice on quality and also the size difference with Hankook. I have read good things about Hankook, I think someone mentioned they have a stronger sidewall than others. I am sure all 3 are good choices or FMCA would not have them listed but would like to know if there are any other differences than price. Need to make a decision within the next couple of months so any help or advice would be appreciated. Thank you
  4. Thank you for all of your responses on my question. We left home on June 1 and the dash air has been working great, almost 4,000 miles so far and it is blowing cold so the amount I put into the system must have been acceptable. As we continue our journey I will let you know if anything changes but again thanks for your help and support.
  5. HuffyPuff, there is a label on the front of my system which states it uses R134A, so I did not mix the two
  6. I have a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I do not disconnect the negative battery terminal and have never had a problem. Also the way my Jeep is setup there is nothing on at all in the Jeep when towing. I did have a separate plug install to handle my brake buddy but that is it.
  7. Thank you for all your help, I put R134A in the system as that is the type of refrigerant listed on system. The gauge read 33 when I was finished and I had cold air coming into coach. I have not driven it yet but hope that it is better than it was. Thanks for all of your help
  8. Brett, temperature here in Florida is 88, condenser fan was not running when I first started adding Freon but did come on and was running through the remainder of this process. I believe the low side (blue cap) is where I connected hose and gauge and after adding 16 oz it was reading 33 in the green on the gauge. I do not know the exact temperature coming out of the returns but the engine was idling most of the time, I did increase the rpm for less than a minute and the air coming out was significantly cooler than when I started. Obviously I have no idea how much was in the system when I started which has lead to my question about 33 on the gauge and did I do enough. First time I have tried this with my motorhome, have done it with my wifes car in the past. Thank you
  9. On my 2016 Tuscany Coach with Cummins 450, the dash air has never really been too cold, actually more cool than cold. I just added Freon to the system. I put about 16 oz in, with the capacity being 2.5lbs or 40 oz. Gauge I used to insert Freon has the green area which ranges from 25 to 50. When I finished adding what I did the air coming out of the dash was colder than it has ever been and the gauge was reading about 33, 34 in the green. Did I put enough in or should I add some additional. I saw the warnings about not overcharging the system. Any help would be appreciated
  10. Thank you for all your suggestions, I just completed the form for the TSD Program. It says it will take a couple of weeks to receive it but will check back as I use it. Thanks again
  11. I have heard a lot about the deep discounts on diesel fuel with these discount cards. The TCS card through FMCA seems to be about $.30 per gallon but I have heard that the TSD Card could be much more. Anyone have an opinion or preference on which card or both to have in my wallet. Let me know your thoughts
  12. My Jacks and Slides are both hydraulic so engine running, jacks level coach first and slides are extended. When leaving, engine running slides in Jacks up
  13. On my coach during the winter a couple of years ago water accumulated on the slide top and froze. The weight must have stretched the material because anytime it rains water continues to accumulate there so before I bring my slides in I climb up on the roof with a broom and remove the accumulated water. My slide seals and wipers look to be in good shape it is just too much water coming down if I down remove it first. Does anyone think I can have the slide topped tightened so I don't have to do this anymore, not my favorite thing to do but...
  14. mypopslou

    Odd Tire Wear

    Final Update on this issue: Took close pictures to a Michelin Dealer and he knew the tire wear immediately, called it River Wear which usually happens when the tire is under inflated or over weight. I told him I ran 105 in them based on the Michelin Tire charts and he told me never pay attention to those charts. RV tires should always have between 115 and 120 in them or else you will get unusual wear. He said they would never allow a coach to leave their business with anything less. He also told me if your tire temperature ever reaches 165 degrees the tire is ruined. The integrity of the tire is compromised at that temperature and even if it did not malfunction then it is only a matter of time before it does. The good news is that he told me the tires still had a lot of tread and are safe. I inflated all my tires to 115 and will keep a close eye on them but this is one thing I can stop worrying about. Thanks to everyone who offered help and suggestions with this issue.
  15. I am late to this discussion, I have a Wingard Traveler Antenna which lays down and automatically goes up and finds satellite. It is a Direct TV antenna which I am not happy with and would like to go to DISH when my contract is up. Is there a conversion kit and if so what is the approximate cost and where do I go to get the kit. Also I can usually figure a lot of things out if not too complicated, how hard is it to install the conversion kit. I know I need to get a new receiver for home and RV which obviously I am OK with. Any suggestions would be appreciated Thank you in advance for your help
  16. mypopslou

    Odd Tire Wear

    UPDATE: I finally had my alignment checked and it was off on the front curb side as well as the rear was a little off but not bad. Both axles have been corrected. I asked the alignment mechanic and his boss about the unusual wear on that drivers side front tire. They both told me they had never seen tire wear like that and I should take it to a Michelin dealer fro evaluation. Coach rides much better with everything aligned so I think I will take a couple of good pictures to a Michelin Dealer to get an opinion before I get the coach out again. Bottom line is I think I am looking at buying 2 new tires and hoping with the alignment that it does not happen again. I am upset that my 2016 coach which I bought new has 2014 tires on it although they are week 46 of 14. Once I have the tires evaluated I will give you one last update on this issue. Yes, my coach does have front independent suspension Thanks again for your help and suggestions
  17. UPDATE: there is a Battery Isolator called a Trumbatta and a Bi Directional Isolator called BIRD on my coach. I am on the 3rd Trumbatta as they are overheating which is melting the internal contacts and causing them to fail. This is why my chassis batteries were not charging when plugged in and my Aux start would not work. In addition the BIRD they installed on my coach was for a gas coach not a diesel coach I found a person who lives in my community who has the same coach as I do and told me he had the same issue. He took his coach back to the factory and they installed a different battery Isolator called a BIG BOY as well as different BIRD for Diesel coach. I confirmed with Thor that this part would work in my coach. We had to change the terminal clips as the contacts on the Big Boy were much larger than the original Trumbatta. I have enclosed pictures of the new parts. I installed these on Tuesday and my coach is finally charging the way it was intended. If anyone out there is having the same issue, this is the answer. Thanks for all of your help and suggestions
  18. Bill, thanks for the suggestion, that is my intent, had a neighbor whose rear was 11% out of alignment and once corrected he said it was like he was driving a different coach.
  19. Update and Success, Finally had a diesel mechanic come to my home today and it took him all of 5 minutes to find a blown 150amp fuse in the compartment where my invertor is located. Although had nothing to do with inventor, it was a $4 fuse at NAPA. Once replaced the engine fired right up and of course the dash was showing check engine. Mechanic connected his computer to coach and checked code which stated loss of power... Once this was corrected my dash lit up like a Christmas Tree and I feared the first Tech that came out really blew something else. Mechanic checked all my fuses and then shut engine off and turn Chassis Battery cutoff to the off position for 30 seconds and then turned it back on and started the engine and all is good. I guess the computer just need to reboot but all is good. I caused myself a lot of grief by letting this person the Good Sam Road Service sent out do something I did not think was correct. When he told me he could jump start my coach from 2 terminals in the front of the coach, I did not think was not right but I let him do it anyway and it cost me $300 to fix his ignorance. I asked the diesel mechanic about it and he aid absolutely not as there is probably a lot of other parts connected to those cables and you would be forcing too many volts down the line.This guy may be OK to jump start a car or small truck but he did not have a clue what to do with a motorhome and I will register a complaint with Good Sam. I already called their claims department 2 days ago and left a message which stated they would return my call within 24 hours....nothing yet. Anyway lesson learned to trust my gut Also hope my experience will help someone else, especially the part about shutting done engine and battery and letting computer reboot. The other really positive thing about this experience is that the Diesel Mechanic who fixed my coach is a young guy with a relatively new business who really impressed me with his knowledge and ability to handle the mechanical side of my RV. He admitted he is not too familiar with a lot of the RV side of my coach. Thank you to all of you who offered suggestions on what to look for and tried to help me. We had so much trouble with this coach when we bought it new, when this happened my wife told me I really freaked out and I guess I did but all is good now. I am buying a Smart Battery Charger today and keeping it on the coach whenever it will be parked for more than a couple of days. Also rescheduled my appointment to have front end alignment done. Again thank you and have a wonderful weekend.
  20. Manholt, do you have a recommendation on what type of trickle charger I need. I just went on amazon and there are 20 some pages of them. I know I need a 'smart' charger so it charges and then shuts off and back on when needed. I noticed some are 2, 10 50 is that what I need? Appreciate the advice
  21. Although I do have a push button start I do not have the multiplex system in my coach. I think Thor started that the year after mine or 2017. Found a mobile diesel mechanic who should be here by noon. He thinks it is a fuse or breaker as I do but hopefully he will know where to look and fix. In the past I only received the Low Battery Voltage message in the Freightliner Message Center on the dashboard when starting engine. It would go away within 10 seconds. I never received any type of message at any other time. After this experience and once I get her started I will immediately go buy an appropriate trickle charger and keep one on it at all times. Fool me once... Thanks for all of your help and suggestions and I am hopeful this mechanic will fix it and I will let you all know what issue was. Wish me luck on this
  22. The coach is on a Freightliner Chasis XCR raised Rail. Generator starts fine so not issues there and auto start feature is in ready state as in the fuse compartment green light is on. The Aux Start does not work as I do not think Thor ever connected it and the same for charging chassis batteries when plugged into shore power as it has been plugged in all the time. When the tech was here yesterday after jumping the batteries the read at 12.7 volts and I have had a charger on them over night. The keyless entry, entry steps usb port and front windshield shades which are all connected to chassis batteries are working fine. It is the Dash that is not, when I turn the key nothing happens no lights no buzzers. I do have a push button start and it does light up but again no response. Have reached out to Thor for help and am also trying to get a response from a Mobile Diesel Repair place to come and take a look. I really feel it is something simple a fuse or breaker the has been tripped. I just don't know how to find it. Appreciate help so far and am open to any suggestions on how to find the mystery switch
  23. I had it off for about the last 4 of 5 weeks but turned it on last week, I called Thor and they suggested I check some of the breakers which I did and still nothing. Not Sure where to go from here but waiting for Mobile RV Service to arrive but probably will not be today
  24. Richard, no I do not, but had to be something to shut off part of the starting process. I still have charger on the batteries but every time I try and turn the key nothing happens and I know the batteries have at least 12.7 volts. Have called a mobile repair place and am hoping they can come out today to see what has happened. Have also tried starting generator but have had the same results Very frustrating
  25. With tech truck directly connected to my batteries they charged to 12.7. I tried to start by house batteries and that did not work, not even shore Thor connected it. I don't think it is the batteries because when he forced the starter to start it was cranking but nothing on my dash that should have come on. I think he tripped something that shut everything off to the dash but I don't know enough to know what to look for. Thanks for your suggestions
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