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  1. I have the Sprint Tech Connect mifi. Where there is Sprint service, it is really good. As fast as our Verizon and ATT phones. My wife, myself and my grandson used it for 10 days through out New England with no problems. We were trying it out to see how it worked. We used a lot of data on three iPads with no throttling. What I found interesting was checking data usage, it does not list any usage. I guess it is truly unlimited.
  2. Used the Franklin Sprint Hotspot all thru New England with no problems and very good speeds. We were in civilization which I am sure helps. We also have unlimited on our Verizon and ATT phones, and iPads, and the Sprint speeds were as good if not better. Sprint doesn’t have the coverage that the others have, but where they have service I have no complaints. We used it for 10 days straight, my grandson using his iPad continually streaming programs. No throttling at all, $50 month which includes the taxes and fees. I acquired it for use at my winter destinations, thereby eliminating Comcast/Xfinity, which were getting expensive.
  3. I drove that route last summer. Cannot give you specific dollar tolls. I used my EZ pass all the way though. Make sure you have an RV EZ pass for your motorhome. You get the RV at the normal car rate. With that pass, you get discounted tolls. It avoids other states charging higher rate because it is an RV. You get the RV EZ pass thru the NYS Thruway authority.
  4. For dry camping I also use a Battery Minder Plus connected to the house battery and plugged into my outside 110 outlet, I run the generator in the morning during breakfast and during dinner in the evening. The battery stays charged and desulphated.
  5. We too travel with two indoor cats. I have found that the best policy is not to mention the cats. Once, I had indicated on a reservation that I had pets, I was charged at a KOA for my two cats as though they were dogs ( $6 x 2 ). When I questioned the charge, they removed it and said that they generally do not charge for cats, but I have a sense that each individual KOA tends to do there own thing. In all of my travels I have never been charged or questioned about my two cats. As long as the cats don't roam freely, I don't think the campgrounds care that much. Can't see giving them the opportunity to charge you. The exception to this rule is State, County, National parks. If it says no pets, it means no pets.
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