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  1. And this is where the problem lies. Nowhere did I or anyone else say "Anti RV Ordinance" Its a parking law, Period. Same as found in most other cities across the US. OTR trucks are issued tickets as well as cars. No tickets are issued at Pilot. But many would assume they are on Pilot property when they are not. The Pilot truck stop has about half the space they need nightly for the amount of trucks they have. The land across the street where many get tickets is not their land, It actually belongs to 4 different people. Exon on one corner. a small tire shop and 2 others, about 4 acres total all belonging to 4 local people. Trucks like to park there as well as R.V.'s because 3 out of the 4 acres is open flat dirt. But its private property just the same. Downtown VH is the El Capatain hotel. They have about 20 parking spaces, across from this hotel is an abandon gas station, people park there all the time and get tickets as well, It's private property. You want to know where they don't get tickets if they want to stay for free (You would think this to be common sense) 3 rest areas one on the west side one on the east side and one south of town. There are many empty lots in Van Horn as the town is pretty run down, But it's sort of like you parking on my yard I don't want it, You may be nice polite,,just nap and go,,or you may throw your trash out, pull your tanks open and I have to clean it up. Problem is,,I don't want to clean it up. Now I'm not a local here, This will be my last post as I feel its like whipping a dead horse, The city does not like outsiders as a rule and I am one. But the law is the law to everyone. It is not to target r.v.'s like so many proclaim. And to get on a forum (of any sort) and target one man, or one business for something they had nothing to do with, (By the way if anyone on here does come by the VH KOA and meet Mr. Mcbride You will see what I mean I've known him for around 12 years or so and a better person would be hard to find) well that's just rude, and a little unfair to the man. And even if your just passing through, take a good hard look at the pilot truck stop in the daylight, their parking is easy to see, not so much after dark.
  2. ForUrinfo only.....I have no clue who you are or where you live...but you really are clueless. Let me set the record straight (Something you should have done with a quick google search) But I guess you just wanted to stir the pot a little. I know Mr Mcbride, He is NOT a member of City Council in Van Horn Texas or any other town. He does indeed own the KOA there. And lets face it.. pop of 1900 who here is not friends with the sheriff, But being friends means what exactly in your mind? For you see, the sheriff of Culberson county is a county agent and does not enforce the no parking ord. That job falls to the ONE city code enforcement agent. Who I can assure you he does not get along with as few here in town do. So are you trying to say one man is so powerful here he runs the city? At the time this post was started there were 4 RV parks in VH and I don't see anything about the other 3 mentioned anywhere. I read many forums on many subjects and have learned to take post for what they are..some good some bad, But if you want to be taken serious (anyone on here) Then please don't post in one sentence " I just wanted 7 hours of sleep, was not going to spend any money" Then in another " I will be bypassing VH, they can do without my money" Because it makes the average person say " Well no loss they were not spending any anyway. By the way for all you fellow travelers, The law was written for everyone no just RV's. 18 wheelers were parking on private property, blocking roadways, (Was so bad one day the school bus could not get through. It is not to target just R.V.'s You may park at pilot..same as always but only in the designated area not in front of the gas pumps, And you can laugh about that but there were 3 r.v.'s there last week blocking the pumps. One final note, A quick check on the internet will show that almost 92 percent of all towns nation wide have this same ord.
  3. OMG that is so funny. If you want to here something even better..just stay off I-10 period. Why? Because just about every town on I-10 Has the exact same law. Cheap people think it's to generate money for the towns. But locals of these small towns know that it is to avoid traffic hazards or dumping ( I actually saw an RV pull his dump valve in a parking lot once). I do know for a fact that in Van Horn the KOA is around 35 dollars if I remember right and they have propane, pool, putt-putt golf free greens fee's to the local course and free wifi. Alot of bang for your buck and alot cheaper then that 85 dollar ticket. The other park there the Eagles Nest. It is tree lined with nice folks at the desk and are about 32 dollars per night..also cheaper then an 85 dollar ticket. The map shows rest areas also on both sides of town. So maybe the traveler that got the ticket...well he should research a little before condemning a whole town for the act he himself committed.
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