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  1. We just bought a 2013 Edge for exactly the same and all the reasons previously mentioned and traded in our 2010 Escape. Be aware that Ford took the 2.0 engine off the 4 down towing list but still says it can still be towed flat with the 3.5 six in fwd or awd. Hope we didn t screw up. Any bad stuff on the Edge?
  2. Just to add to all the confusion of Ford products being flat towed, Ford has taken the 2.0l ecoboost in the Edge off the towing flat down but says you can still tow the 3.5 l 6 with fwd all 4 down. My thoughts are isn t the same trans. in both engine models? We just bought a 2013 Edge that with the 3.5 l and it says we can tow it. I hope we didn t screw up. We traded in our 2010 Ecape for it.
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