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  1. We are in south Texas and humidity is very high (heat index can be 112) , we have a 40 ft and both A/C,s run a lot,,, water is dripping in different places from the ceiling (vent fan, antenna ) I know its not roof leaks because we are under a full awning, the exhaust fan in the kitchen has opening behind the trim which looks as if when it runs at would move some air between the roof ceiling but runs that and A/C makes no sense...
  2. I purchased the Sani-Con twist (not the portable suitcase stile) and took it on and off with each use and sometimes putting it on I had to put a far amount of pressure when locking it to the 4' dump pipe.. the two plastics always seemed to not want to slide together and believe that is when I cracked one of the locks so then I build a brace to hold the back of the unit and mounded it permanently and after a short use started leaking sometime in this process the second lock cracked. My concern is the 4 locks on the unit are of much less quality than the standard 4" hose dump hose which I have one that is 10 old a taken of a number of times and no sign of wear,,, Its less than a year under warranty, I called the company and they will not warranty it because I did the damage I can purchased a new lock for $68 but believe the sub standard lock it will happen again, but no choose as I paid over $400. Would guess the buyer be aware rule applies here
  3. I also have a 05 Presidio on a Workhorse. Other than hose clamps early on I had no issues. The only other is its hard to cool and heat... What have you heard or issues you have had?
  4. I Would like to add a switch to turn my water pump on/off in the bathroom, Today, only have 1 in front and 1 outside making it difficult traveling. Wondering what is involved ... Thanks.
  5. I have a Dometic NDR 1292 that needs a cooling unit, And sure I will hire a mobile rv person to install it, but need help in finding one with a company best price and trust worthy. Also reconditioned vs new.. Any other info would be appreciated.
  6. I Had a 37 foot class A and purchased a cover from CW , it was parked in Minn. for all winter next to the house where it was exposed to the north wind. The problems I had were 1). With lots of windy days the cover did move around (even with lots of tie downs)the corners and other areas did get some paint damage, also with lots of snow and melting it seemed to storage much more ice on top then it did without. Do not take it off until all ice and snow are gone, because it sticks to the top and is heavy. If you can solve the wind damage I think its a good idea.
  7. Thanks,, for the help. Question: did you wrap your stems, and is the tow car dropping signal or the RV. Also what type of rims do you have and did you wrap the stem before putting on the caps.... In my manual it talks about that..
  8. I purchased a Hopkins tire pressure monitoring system and was at a truck/car tire center getting my car service and and asked them about the system I purchased. They have concerns about value stem-type systems. Their concern is caps coming lose -- not compatible with aluminum or brass stems, and the stems needing to be wrapped with teflon tape. Also, the truck I tow has a factory-installed pressure system. Can I use these caps (when in tow) on that without causing damage to the factory system?
  9. This, I think is different,When the coach was new the minder would increase (slowly) to around the 50% mark at 8,000 miles , so the service center would changed it. This situation repeated for the next two services. Then this last when I asked the service center about (Why so many filters) they took it off and looked at it and said it was OK and put it back on,,,, but now the minder will go back up within a 100 miles,,, I have reset 3-4 times and each time within 100 miles it will go back up. I only drive blacktop roads, it would appear to me the filter is only good for 8,000 miles. All of our driving is in Minn and down and back to Texas once a year.
  10. I own a 2005 (purchased new)Presidio Diesel on a Workhorse series R raised rail chassis with a Cummins 330. At about 10,000 miles the air filter minder would show over 50% so at the next oil change it would get changed. After 3 were installed and during the 40,000 change they went to change it, but this time they looked inside (sealed type)and it was still clean and put back the old one... Do I question the service center or is the filter minder not working and if so how do I fix it..
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