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  1. I would like to know where my power gear control box is on my 2005 National rv
  2. I have an A&E Oasis manual door awning that might need an adjustment. It sticks when I try to close it and I have to physically push up on it while my wife turns the crank in order for it to close. Any help on fixing it without going to a dealer would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  3. I stopped by the Gibson, Pa. Flying J which is off I 81, exit 219 to fuel up my class a motor home. I planned on dumping, getting water and checking my tire pressure while fueling up. To my surprise Flying J no longer allows you to dump free of charge and does not have water fill up or tire pressure gauges at their RV islands. How can they say that Flying J is RV friendly when it eliminated all the conveniences it had when it was Flying J by itself without being a part of Pilot Fuel. What benefits do they offer to RVers to make us go to them vs any other fuel stations such as a TA Travel center, etc. Lets stop supporting them and find another fuel station that wants RVers business!!!!!!
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