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  1. Found the problem in the new cable installed from front a/c to thermostat. you CANNOT use phone cable, unless you change the ends on this cable to match the same color as the rj11 cable. You will need to get phone cable and look at the end to understand. Boy I learned something this go round.......thanks for all the information guys, again I love this forum and the people in it.........and just a small piece of advice, when it starts to get on your nerves, just walk away, have a great day....vince
  2. Pulled the cover off all three units and checked each 3amp fuse all checked good 13.7 to be exact. I all so checked it with gen running same thing. No fans no nothing, not even a back ground light in the thermostat. Yes salesman switch bit me a long time ago now even if I have any thing go wrong I check that switch.FIRST,lol.......I'm going to leave it alone for a couple of days and go back and check every thing again. It's right there and I'm over looking something. OBVIOUSLY 🤔
  3. Loaded up to take grand kids to the beach and no a/c. Thermostat won't even light up. Removed the thermostat, 4 wire rj11 cable, no power. 2009 Cheetah Safari, it has 3 roof units. Domestic, the thermostat is a 5 button duo-therm comfort control. I replaced the control box which is located in the center unit. Still no power. I checked all three units for power all had 123 volts.. the front a/c has 2 rj11 cables. One of the cables are marked and I see the same marks on the cable at the control box. The other cable goes in the ceiling without a mark. I think this is the thermostat cable if so, I have power on this end but not the thermostat end. I know what you are thinking, well replace the cable, BUT there's a small cable from the front unit and a adapter then the wire to the thermostat. I hooked up the thermostat where the adapter is and still nothing. I know I have power supply there. 13.7v to be exact. I also checked the ground at the same time. Any help would be appreciated. Font a/c # 630516.331j same # for rear unit. Center unit #630035.331. thermostat was also replaced for fun.#3109228.01 5 buttons. I set the dip switches from the old CCC. I also pushed the button to try reset but nothing will come up on screen..... Thanks again. Vincent Edwards
  4. Thanks Carl I'm hoping falcon has a trick up his sleeve. I'm hoping that this problem will help others out there with this type of engine. Because this has been a headache. Thanks for time Carl. Vince
  5. Yes I know what you are saying. We love the RV so I'm all ears. I want to do whatever you did to fix yours. I'm taking my grandkids to Disney in April and when I get back I hope I've got a plan to get to work with. Any help will be appreciated. I was just telling jleamont that the snap-on man I deal with and his friend that works at a cat shop will help me. So I just need a plan. There are some things that a cat shop want do, if you know what I mean. Like jleamont told me I'm looking for dependability not for power or fuel mileage, if it happens, great but I just want to drive my RV and enjoy the trip, not go "what's that" every other mile. Thanks so much for your time and help. If you want to email me please do. Vince
  6. Thanks, I was hoping I read it right, you just help clear my mind. Went to a cat shop today and asked about the code that came up and he said the (vgt) actuator's are good for sticking, WOW....You know I'm on pins and needles the whole time I'm driving now, this is not fun anymore. I don't mean to be whinning but come on, when I build a transmission for my customers I'm held responsible. Cat needs to come to the plate and do what is right. I've worked hard my whole life, just like all of you guys and I don't need to put thousands of dollars in there stupid mistakes. Well I'm sorry for that outburst but I feel better...... Thanks again carl, at least I know I can count on you guys for help.
  7. Thanks Mr. Falcon, I sent you a email, again I appreciate your help and all the help from the guys in this forum. I would love to fix it because the way I understand it now all makes and models are fighting the same problem. Now if I'm wrong about this and I don't fix this RV, I want to know who ain't having this problem so I can trade for one. My wife and I took our 2nd trip this weekend and the heist light came on after 6 hours on the road. Only when I stopped. No check engine light. I did a self diagnostic, code was spn 641 fmi 7. I told my wife were going to drive it and it's going to go or blow. It ran great and the ECM codes went away. I don't know it's man made. Stay tuned, my father's health is keeping me back and forth to Daytona FL, taking a trip in about 10 days I'll let you know what happens next. Thank everyone Vince
  8. Mine is and I've had trouble ever since I've had it.
  9. Bill, I'm not really sure how to do it. I'm hoping he will check back and see I'm trying to get in touch with him. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
  10. Bill and tbutler are right on they have been at this longer than me, but I will add one thing. Just bought our dream RV on Dec. 10th ,dec25, broke down in FL. Took it to a cat dealer, give them the warranty, no problem he said. When they called me 3 days later thay handed me a bill for 3506.17. Told me they couldn't get in touch with my warranty people. Must be on vacation, they said. Well guess what, just like tbutler said they found a way not to pay. So even if you do everything you are supposed to do, it's only as good as the shop doing the work.
  11. Falcon6251,is there some way I can get in touch with you about the c9 cat?
  12. Yes please, we love this RV. But I'm scared to go long distance because of this.
  13. Thanks jleamont, that was some good reading back there. I would sure love to learn more about that auto start for the generator you were talking about. And yes obedb , I guess they think we're to lazy to plug in a cable . It would sure be one less thing to go bad.
  14. Yes obedb, I couldn't imagine dealing with all these problems without the help from this forum and these guys. It has been the best tool in my tool box. I'm just hoping I'm not wearing out my welcome. So Brett don't get any big idea's and block me out. Thanks guys.....
  15. Thanks jleamont, you sure have been a good friend the last 2 weeks and I hope I can repay the favor. I have another question about this problem. My wife and I noticed that on the intellitec load meter it's not showing the amps, on gen set or 50 amps. My other rv showed on gen set , but not on 50amps. So could this bad ats be the reason? Again thanks very much.
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