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    My wife and I are just starting and have a lot to learn .
    I think we will get the hang of it..
    My thanks to all the nice folks who have helped with our questions.

    Sincerely, JOE & Patricia
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  1. In the end you spend the money you think you saved by buying cheap. spend it first and get the best you can you will save in the long run. shop and wait for the best deal they are out ..this a good time of the year to buy. We just purchased a 2009 newell with all the bells ..Private sale for a third of what it's worth retail. So my advice is look around and make offers very low, you will get bites from those who need the cash fast.
  2. Hello, On a recent trip to OK. from Mo. my MH was side swiped, causing damage to the rear passenger side, ripping the bumper and fiberglass sheathing, which is connected to the bumper. The bumper is a fiberglass cover. The steps also were hit, as they were left out. This tells me that the vehicle was parked at the time of the accident , as I leave the steps out and turn off the breaker. I did not notice the damage right away and cannot pin point where it occurred. However, there is green paint transferred to the damaged area and that is all . PROBLEM: How do I report this to the proper people if I cannot be sure where it occurred, as I stopped at many different places for gas etc.? Can someone help me with this problem, please?- I do have full coverage. Sincerely, JOE
  3. Gentleman, Thank you for the advice. Sincerely, JOE
  4. Hello Brett, Yes, they are in series 12 to 6v, to 6v, Batteries show 13.6 when charged. After recharging they are showing 13.6 at solar panel and holding. These batteries are only 2 months old. Sincerely, JOE
  5. Hello, I have three new batteries -- one 12-volt and two 6-volt (new) that went dead overnight. I left the circuitbreaker on as I was doing some work after dark, and the next morning they were stone cold dead. I turned off the breaker -- which is located over the door -- and charged the batteries . They appear to be ok. Is this normal, or do I have a short somewhere? NOTE: This is the first time I did not turn the breaker off when finished with the motorhome. The motorhome is a 1992 Southwind gas w/ 85,000 miles, and no I do not have much experience. This is my first coach, purchased two months ago. Any advice would be very helpful. Sincerely, JOE
  6. Thank you both for this great information. It has given me many things to think over and I will take your advice.. Sincerely, JOE
  7. Hello, everyone. I have asked several questions and have been given great advice, and patience from the members. I thank you. I am a novice to RVs in general. I purchased a 1992 Southwind w/ a 454 engine, which was in great shape as our first motorhome for $9,000. We then set off for the Grand Canyon. We made it to New Mexico approx. 700 miles from home in southwest Missouri and then had problems with the ground wires burning up. As I stated in another forum topic, I cut off the burnt ends and reconnected them and this seemed to work. However, we were afraid to continue and turned back for home. We purchased an older coach to see if this was for us. Well, we did enjoy the trip until the wire problem. This was our first RV trip ever, and I guess you get what you pay for, although the coach did run very well aside from the problem mentioned. I think we would have been OK if we had continued, but the wife was afraid of being stranded with two dogs and a novice husband. In any event, I would like the opinions of the members on a newer motorhome. It is a 2004 National Islander, 40 feet long with a 400 Cummins engine and has 13,900 miles and 1 owner. The seller is asking $67,000. It has slides and all the gadgets and is in good condition. My question: Is this a good deal and what should I do to make sure? Any help would be appreciated. Sincerely, JOE
  8. Hello again, I called a TRIPLE A road service rep... He stated they will tow my Rv 200 miles if needed,and tire change is also included. However, this is the only tow for the year, but the other preks are good for 4 times a year. I hoped this helps. The reason I asked about other services is that I have not heard triple A mentioned by anyone, and started me to think about checking it out. Sincerely, JOE
  9. Hello, Everyone. I have had triple A for my automobiles for many years and have used the service I believe twice with positive results. Upon purchasing a Motorhome I upgraded my triple A coverage to RV Plus, which entitles me to a tow up to 200 miles for my RV and or auto. My question: Is this sufficient protection for an RV for towing? They also have other perks such as changing a flat tire, gasoline delivered if you should run out. I have not read any forums that covers my question concerning triple A, only topics were other types of towing services. Could someone please advise me if triple A is sufficient for motorhomes? Sincerely. JOE
  10. I am a new member and have asked some folks for advice on several topics. We bought a 37-foot 1992 Fleetwood Southwind Class A motorhome with a 454 engine with 84,000 miles (one owner). This coach was well taken care of and appeared to have no problems. As I stated in another topic, we have never been on an RV trip. Our intention was to visit the GRAND CANYON, via Springfield, Missouri, about 1,300 miles. We began our trip on Sept. 27 and stopped at KOA Rt. 40 exit 108, driving 400 miles the first day. We proceeded to KOA rt. 40 exit 335 New Mexico, approx. 325 miles. This is where the trouble began. I had been running the generator while driving to cool the coach when the main breaker tripped. Once at KOA N.M. I hooked in the 30-amp hookup and reset the breaker. After approx. 20 minutes, the breaker tripped again and I noticed it was very hot to the touch. Now we are without any AC. I pulled the cover off the breaker panel and discovered all the ground wires were burnt at the ground terminal. I was able to cut the burnt wires off and reattach them to the ground terminal. This seemed to do the trick -- the panel remained cool and we had Ac once again. To make a long story short, we turned around and came back to Missouri. No GRAND CANYON. We loaded the car and went. I bought this coach for $9,000 to see if RVing was for us. Now, well, I just don't know. Can anyone give a reason why the ground wires would burn in the first place? NOTE: We had no more trouble with the breaker tripping after I fixed the wires, but it soured are trip to continue. Sincerly, JOE
  11. I would take them to small claims court. With the second repair, and the reason why the repair was needed I am sure is well documented, or should be.. Incompetent, way over charged how can you lose.. Get that repair garage in front of a small claims judge and you can't lose, especially with the second repair bill, not to mention the damage that more then likely caused, or will result by over filling the generator with oil..Add that to your damages.. Sincerely,JOE
  12. Hello, everyone. I was hoping someone can answer the following question. As stated before in other FMCA forums, this will be are first trip in an RV. It has come to my attention that some folks have had trouble with the police (traffic related) on regular traffic stops. It was told that in some cases the police have asked to search the RV for really no good reason. The folks who allowed them to search were less then happy with the results, their personal things were thrown about with little regard.. I am quite sure these are isolated incidents as most RV'ers are law abiding and have nothing to hide, however, I would like some views on this subject. If stopped what are your rights? If asked by the officer to allow them to search your RV, do you let them or decline? With all the new laws since 9/11, I don't have a clue what the proper procedure is. By the way, I found this information on the Internet and, frankly, it scared my wife half to death the way the officers conducted themselves, it was a true horror story watching the things they did to people. One video showed the motorhome after the search, with clothing and other belongings thrown on the street the and elderly gentleman handcuffed while the search was conducted with his wife crying while looking on. After they were done they let the people go on their way without a word. The couple filed a complaint, which is still pending, I believe. I forgot to mention the couple did consent to the search, but CUFFING this man ... wow, sick. Anyway, with that said, we are decent law-abiding people with nothing to hide but do not want to go through anything such as that. I am sure these incidents are not common, but thought they should be mentioned. If any SEASONED RVers have any ADVICE on the way one should react while traveling in their RV, it would be most welcome. Sincerely, JOE
  13. You could get a armadillo they are very slow so there easy to catch,also they have limited eye sight which helps in the catching part.. But remember when startled it will jump straight up, so be ready.. The best part of having a armadillo is they are FINE EATING if you should grow tired if it..
  14. Hello everyone, I was finally able to book reservations at Canyon RV Park in Williams Az. for the month of October. I believe I have read in this forum that WALMARTS allow over night parking. Has anyone current information regarding this topic? This will be are first RV trip ever and my wife, as well as myself are a little apprehensive. We will be traveling from the Ozarks (SPRINGFIELD MO.) to our destination,and calculate perhaps at least 2 nights, Due to time constraints. The mileage is approx. 1300 miles and I think this may give us enough time regarding the lay overs, I HOPE.. I must add that I am concerned about, well everything. When one knows nothing about the unknown the unknown can be very disconcerting.. Any ADVICE would be welcome. Sincerely, JOE
  15. Brett, It is a 454 gas engine w/ banks power from the factory.
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