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  1. Wow, I didn't expect so much help. I guess I worry too much when the dealer I am buying my Roadmaster Tow Package from does not seem to be able to give me a satisfactory answer to my questions. I had a bad experience with a different dealer in the same chain and have little faith in their work. They told me that their package included hooking my Tracker's lights up so I guess I will leave it at that. If it doesn't work I will either do it myself or get magnetic lights. I just hope they don't screw it up too badly. I do appreciate all the information and advice all of you have given me, thank you very much, Ham
  2. I've read about many problems with a towed vehicle's light activation, battery draw from those lights, and more. I am about to have a system installed to tow my Tracker and I wonder what is wrong with using a set of magnetic lights on the back of the toad, no one seems to mention doing that. It seems like a simple and perfect way to do it. My Class C has the 7 blade connection and with an adapter and the magnet mounted lights I would have tail, turn, and brake lights all operated with the motor homes system. What am I missing? I was a little concerned with the lights falling off but they could be bolted on or even attached to the back of the luggage rack. I know it might not look as couth, but what the heck, I'm from Indiana. Ham
  3. We have traveled many years and many miles in a Class B and have never had trouble getting it washed or washing it ourselves at do it yourself places. Now we have a 27 foot Class C and it is even a chore to wash it at home. We travel all kinds of roads and do stupid things like park in campgrounds with sap oozing trees. It gets dirty in no time. Where can I get it washed every now and then? Even here at home having it washed is a chore, the closest place is 20 miles away across town. Ham
  4. Thank you all for your answers. Now all I have to do is find a Tracker that's not all worn out. Ham
  5. I've been looking for a dinghy with an auto tranny to flat tow in the tow weight range of my 2004 Coachman Ford E-450 Class C. I like square things that are short and have a decent ground clearance so I seem to be limited to newer 4X4 Chevy Trackers or an older Jeep Wrangler or Cherokee (weight reasons). The Trackers are the cheapest and being a chintz I lean that way. Any info I've found on the Trackers states that the towing speed max is 55 MPH. There is never any reason why that is. Is it arbitrary for safety? Will the transfer case oil froth and heat up too much at higher speeds? Will the wheels fall off? I don't mind 55 on curvy blue highways but feel like a road block on the bigger, faster, four lane expressways. Ham
  6. I recently was parked on the shore of Lake Superior watching the wind and waves. We had just pulled into a rest area when a big gust blew my 12 foot Dometic awning loose and half way onto the roof of my Class C Coachmen. I had never used it and it was all closed up properly stowed by the dealer we bought it from. The supports were broken and bent and the awning itself was destroyed. I would like to replace it with one that is easier to use and doesn't require locking and unlocking with a long rod. It would be nice if it wouldn't blow off in 70 MPH gusts. I have yet to visit the Coachmen factory which is 140 miles away but I would assume a Coachmen dealer could do the job. If you have any suggestions about the awning I could get and/or the installation I would appreciate it. Thank you, Ham Brown [email protected]
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