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    Hobbies include RV full-timing, building computers (no room for that now), digital photography, and just having fun.
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    Full-time in my motorhome
  1. We were in Boston last summer stayed here and loved it. There is something for everybody here.Normandy Farms Foxboro MA
  2. My 2 cents on covers. Lived in central New Hampshire during the eighties and had at that time a '37 Coachmen Class A. Parked on cement with 2x6 pressure treated wood under each wheel including the tag. Tried a full cover the first year and what a mess in the Spring all kinds of black streaks etc. Cleaning took days and was labor intensive...after that no more cover! Used to go up on the roof after a snowstorm and take the snow off with a push broom. No more problems with the finish. In Florida I bought a rain cover for the harley 'cause it was outside under the porch one block from the ocean. Had all kinds of moisture retention problems with the cover on. Finally ditched the cover and rinsed as needed with a hose. Believe it or not salt will get under a cover. I say try a winter without one before you make up your mind.
  3. I see no one has answered your post so I am going to give you a link to a service manual for 8500/9000 Dometic Awnings. I am not able to find any lubricating instructions for the torsion assemblies. You may want to save this link as it also covers a lot of other RV appliances. Bryant RV Repair manuals OWNER MAINTENANCE ITEMS 1. Make sure the top and bottom bracket screws are tight at the start of each camping season. 2. Lubricate the rafter arms and support arms using paraffin wax or silicone spray. Also lube the threads on knobs.
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