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  1. I have a 1999 Dutch star.

    4" end out nipple rotten need a new muffler. Getting confused-- should I go with a high flow or just a standard replacement, and where will I find one to fit the exact dimensions needed to back in the brackets welded to the frame?

  2. Ok not very electrical... lol the shore line is from my garage and it may not be grounded right... I will try to run it from my house. We are about to go on our maiden trip and I have so much to learn.

    Do you believe it is from the shore line not from an internal issue? I will start the generator next and touch and see if i get that tingle... if not it makes me believe it's my cord and should not happen at the camp site.

    Thank you for your input on this holiday. Have a safe fourth of July,

    Frank from Mass.

  3. Hello.

    We just bought a 2000 Newmar Dutch Star with 29,000 miles and will be taking our first trip in April to Disney. The previous owner talked several times about tire blowouts and the importance of tire maintenance. I am about to get a tire monitoring system for Christmas,

    I was all set to buy the TST 507 system with the user-friendly battery replacment. I then came across the Tire Safeguard system in this month's article with the ability to add air without removing the sensor.

    Does anyone have pros or cons on either system?

    I never realized there was so much about load weight, corner load, axle load. I am just about in overload myself just trying to figure out what I should use for tire pressure ... lol

    Thank you,

    Frank from Mass

  4. Thank You Bill, first I do have a converter that has ( ANT. VIDEO. AUX.) one for incoming, one for TV=1, one for TV=2. when vid. pushed a dvd works, when ant. used and tv on ch4 it says CBS but no real signal from that station. i have all three buttons on ant. (I have tried a thousand combo's,,,LOL), I will go out and look for an on/off switch but I do not believe there is one. How do I see if the antenna is working?

  5. We have a 2000 Dutch Star 38'. Our issue is watching TV. We can't, but we can watch a DVD.

    I have three components, 1. Dystar flat screen TV. 2. A Magnavox DVD player. 3. A box that says ch3 or ch4. ch3 red led, ch4 green led light on front. DVD has to be on for everything to come on, TV is set to to ch4, on small box ch4 green led light is on.

    I was told to change the channel thru that small box w remote. Antenna is up, I went to a high spot BJ's parking lot in Auburn Mass. Static on ch4 and no signal bar on everything else ...

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