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  1. We run the refridgerator on propane while traveling as well. Like Wolfe stated, there is a risk involved but I feel it is minimal since the system was designed for such use. It boils down to what one's personal feeling on the matter are. John 2006 Monaco
  2. I did as Wolfe suggested on weighing the MO and found no major problems. After a lot of thought I opted to buy and install the SteerSafe system. There was a good deal of improvement as far as wind and passing semi's and much less of the steering having to be constantly adjusted. I went into this install hoping for at least a 50% or so improvement and got a lot more than that. I don't know if anything would completely solve these type problems but in my case the SteerSafe is a big help. The added piece of mind if I have a front tire blow-out is a plus in my book as well. The install was fairly easy and straight forward and took myself and brother-inlaw about one and half hours to do the job. We could have done it quicker if we had not stopped several times to double check. I test drove the MO about 100 miles, appx. half on secondary roads and the rest on interstate and was well pleased with the results. John 2006 Monaco
  3. I bought a cover from CW a few years ago thinking I could use it instead of a stand alone shelter. I had the pole barn but it needed to be modified because of the height of the Monaco and I was to lazy to do the mods. I acutally got the cover out of the box, realized how freaking heavy it was and decided on the spot to modify the shelter. The cover has never been used, still in the box it came in. I have a friend that wants the cover, but he may not be a friend any longer if I let him have it. IMO the covers not worth the cost or the trouble to use. John 2006 Monaco
  4. We have a 2006 Monaco Monarch SE 30PDD with TritonV10. We tow a Jeep Wrangler. Lifetime average is as of last night 8.1 MPG. I rarely exceed 60 MPH, having found that the engine seems to perform better at speeds of around 57-58 MPH.
  5. Mohicanhistoricalsociety: Thanks for the posting of the Flexible site. I enjoyed reading and seeing these great old units, especially those fully restored. Again, thanks for the post. John 2006 Monaco Monarch SE
  6. Can't be of any help with identifying or information on this coach, but just wanted to say that it is a rarity for sure. Are you planning on restoring this coach? What kind of shape is the inside of the coach? John 503 2006 Monaco Monarch
  7. Tom thanks for input. I don't have window awning but will most likely go ahead and add them. I will also get a good sunscreen. I have already tried the closing off of the front vents but that helped very little. Currently we use a fan to help force air to bedroom area and this helps about as well as anything I have tried. Again, thank you for your advice. John 2006 Monaco Monarch SE
  8. Thank you both for the suggestions and information. I had kicked around the idea of the window awnings but never did them. My last MH had them on all windows and it was the same size as I have now but it seemed to cool much better. Now might be a good time to install them. I dont have the solar screen for the front windshield but I will pick one up and give it a try. I will also try the tape and see what happens. When you taped it up, did it improve the airflow in the rear ducts? I have checked ducts for any obstruction but found nothing. It just appears there is not enough force to push air out in a decent quantity to cool properly, the rest of MH is fine. I use a small fan to help circulate air and for the noise it makes to help drown out outside noises. Again, thanks for the info.
  9. I have a Monaco Monarch 30PPD and it is equipped with a single 13,500 AC unit. Being completely ignorant about these things I need some of the professional advice from members. My quest is this-- What would I need to do to up grade this 13,500 AC to a 15,000 AC, or is this even something that can be done with minimal problems. While the 13,500 does cool as it is designed, I just feel a larger unit would do a better job overall. It seems as if the 13500 does not have enough push to get the air to bedroom area as it should. There is air coming from the bedroom ducts that is cool but just not enough of it to do the job right. Any help appreciated. Thanks John
  10. I am also looking at this unit but have not made my mind up yet to purchase as I'm still doing research. It sounds good but when I spend money I try to look at all options and choose the one best suited for me. But like I said, this one sounds pretty good. Maybe someone who has already made the purchase will let us know how it works for them. I am particularly looking for the larger screen and louder volume, eyes and ears don't work like they use to. Currently use a Garmin unit that works ell, just hard to see and hear. John503
  11. Thanks to all. I got the product this morning at local auto parts store. Used it, now wait and see I suppose. The plastic came in handy as the stuff is a little messy and you sure don't want to get it all over everything. Again, thank you all. John
  12. Thank you both, I will go to town in the morning and try and find this product. John
  13. Thank you. I will get some of this and give it a try. John
  14. Hello to all. My question may seem to have a simple answer and to most folks it may but to me its been a pain. I have a 2006 Monaco Monarch that the dash has come unglued in a couple of places. I recently had the coach in the dealers for some dealer service and asked them to reglue the dash material. When I picked the coach up they said they had reglued it but glue was not completely dry yet so they didn't know how well it would work. Well, it didn't work at all. The glue they used took several days to partially cure and I ended up clamping the material down in attempt to have it hold better, but to no avail. I have removed all the so called glue they used and cleaned the area as well as I can. What I need to know is what is the best glue to use to re-set the vinyl to the dashboard, one that will hold and not damage the vinyl. Any advise appreciated. Thanks. John 2006 Monaco Monarch
  15. Skidaway is a very good location, we have stayed there many times. Also, if you like State parks you might want to try Ft. McAllister out at Richmond Hill. It has everything we need, quiet, peaceful, and friendly. There is no sewer hookup but there is a dump station. Sites here are pretty shady so satellite may or may not work. There is several over the air staions though.
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