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  1. Hi y'all. Great articles on the trailing arm problem. My Endeavor is 2007 do not see it on the recall. you can bet that i will be under the whale in the morn with a very bright light looking for any problems. Am looking for the two cables that attach to handle on front cap generator door. both are broke. tried the Monaco site, but can not open it because my computer says it does not exist. Perhaps an omen? Thanks for any help y'all can send my way
  2. Glad you brought that up. I was also curious about this product. The price really blew me out of the drivers seat. Compared to other brands will call it sticker shock! Like so many other things you read about or see at the shows, the prices seem to me to be way over priced-- just my opinion and I am stuck with it. Hope you get some advice on these shocks. Endeavoring. 07 H.R.
  3. Does any one know of replacement for the factory installed Magnedyne radio? Or help me find the original beast. Reviews are not real happy with it, me either. Thanks. endeavoring
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