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  1. 2005 Fleetwood Expedition 38N has the plastic entry door handle that is no longer lighting up. I see four screws at the top of the handle and four at the bottom of the handle. If I remove those is there a bulb or something a novice can deal with. Where does one get one of these bulbs if that is the problem. Any watch outs as I do this???? As always I am thankful for this site and its help....glen
  2. I just did what your husband is asking to do. I traded a 2001 Fleetwood Bounder V10 Gas 33ft for a 2005 Fleetwood Expedition 38ft with a 300 Cat diesel. I picked it up in Fla. Drove my RV down there and the new purchase back. I cannot tell you the difference it made in the handling and comfort. This is the time to be looking for an upgrade... there has never been a time that DP are selling at a fairer price. I had my gas RV for one year mainly to see if we liked to camp. We did. I spent several thousand $ trying to get the RV so I could drive it on flat land. I loved the RV, the layout, it all worked fine till I got behind the wheel. I ended every trip with glad that is over. It was loud in the front, it swayed, it would go somewhere every time the wind blew or a truck went by. All of that was on flat land. I would have never took the unit to the mountains. All of these folks that are telling you to go with what you have have decided they will drive on no matter the chore it is to drive. Yes it cost more to upkeep the unit but the safety, comfort, quiet and ride of the diesel is worth it. You see it is kinda like I could drive a VW Bug around and love the cost, mileage,little upkeep etc or I could drive a full size car or van and actually be able to walk around when I get where I am going. Way I see it I am retired and I have some years left to enjoy camping and I want that time to be spent as stress free as possible. I cannot wait to go driving this unit right now. Before I was constantly holding on for dear life as I drove the gasser. By the way I also love being able to talk to my co pilot and us hear each other or the radio. In the end you will enjoy keeping what you have but I did not want any regrets when the day came to take my keys away.....happy camping...glen
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