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  1. Happy New Year All ! http://www.smibrake.com/index.html Check this site out, had this unit SMI ( Air Force One ) installed and found it to be very good and no fussing whatsoever after install. Get a good shop to install unless you know about air connections etc. The toad's brake booster is used via the coach air to supply vacuum to power your toads brakes with the SMI controller mounted in the toad. Hookup is very simple, a snap coupler for the air from coach and a breakaway switch cable for emergency. It's totally proportional depending on your brake pressure applied when braking your coach. Also has a LED light mounted to your toad w/s in order to see if your toad brakes are working through your rear camera when braking. I would recommend this system to anyone wanting to utilize the coach air sys.
  2. Seasons Greeting to all our fellow FMCA members & family. We've been towing a Honda CRV for the last 3 yrs now behind our Monaco. Initially had dead batteries after long hauls. I always carry a booster pack in any event ...can't tell you times I've boosted a dead battery for a stranded toad! Honda manual recommends starting the engine and shifting through the gears while stationary to keep the automatic lubricated sufficiently once every few hours. The battery issue is now no problem due to a neat little device called " Toad Charge ". Installs quickly and picks up power from the hot on the wiring connection on the coach. The Honda is great with relatively good mileage but a little on the small side. Just replaced the original tires through ( only 30,000 miles on them ) as towing 4 down is sometimes prematurely wears the front tires. We rotate tires approx every 5,000 mi. Hope this is useful to some considering the CRV. Regards from Vancouver Island, BC
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