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  1. Hi Ken; I think they will have a weigh station this Jan in Quartsite. Paul
  2. Looks like the problem is solved. I sprayed the shaft again with a 100% silicone spray & now it is retracting smoothly & all the way up. Thanks.
  3. We have a 2008 Diplomat with the power gear 3 hydraulic jack system. When I hit the button to retract all the jacks, it makes a lot of noise while retracting. The 2 rear jacks go up all the way, but the front one only retrieves about 3/4. Fluid level is fine, no leaks, and with the temps here in the 90s. I'm lost. I wiped them down with a clean cloth and sprayed 100% silicon spray on the cylinder. Would it hurt to use a portable jack underneath and force it up? Any suggestions? Thanks. Paul
  4. Thanks Herman; Thats a great idea & I will do that. Paul
  5. Thanks Joe; I would like to do that but since they are in Indiana, & I am on the way to Arizona for the winter, it's not possible till we come back to the midwest next year. Paul
  6. No I never rapped the stems. At this time I only have them on the coach's 6 tires & not on the toad. The ones that drop out are always on the back tires. Can't tell you what kind of rims but they are on a 2008 Monaco Diplomat. Hope this helps.
  7. I have been using the Hopkins tps for about 2 years. First on my dually & now on the MH. We have never had an issue with the valves coming loose but for some reason the control monitor will loose one or more of the signals while driving. The factory sent me an extended antenna but it hasn't helped. Most of the time it works great but I'm always worried that one of the times something happens to a tire will be when there is no signal.
  8. If you are looking for an Arizona park, we stay at Meridian Rv Resort in Apache Junction. Lots of activities & it is 100% RV's. Check out their web site. They have new management this year & a new activity directer.
  9. We recently had our Onan generator oil changed at a recommended Monaco repair facility in Elkhart, Ind. After paying $179 for 3 qts of oil & filter, the service tech called to tell me if I was having any gen problems lately cause it was smoking & noisy. We hadn't so I authorized him to call the local Onan gen service center & have them check it out. After returning to Pinnacle RV, the service tech told me it was fine. A few days later when I started the gen, it smoked so bad that you couldn't stay inside the coach. I called a RV repairman to check it out & quickly found that it was overfilled with oil. After paying him $140 for fixing it I called Pinnacle with the results & that I expected them to honor their service guarantee & reimburse me the $140 to have it repaired. They have refused & ignored all written requests from the northern Indiana Better Business bureau. Would anyone have some other suggestions I can try to get them to honor their mission statement ? Thanks. Paul
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