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  1. No matter how you look at it, it is expensive. When I first thought about rving I ask about the cost of something and someone said ": If you have to ask the cost, you can't afford it" It's all in the pleasure you get from it.
  2. F357981

    Steering Problem

    Three years ago I picked up my 2003 National Tradewinds from a repairman and when I needed to make a left turn it wouldn't turn. I drove to the next left turn and it failed again, the third attempt was successful and continued to be successful. I put it in a truck repair and they replaced part of the power steering hose. It has been OK until a week ago today when I took it to storage after a trip. It refused to turn left again. I drove straight ahead for a mile or so then turned left, right, left several times. I went out to storage a couple days ago, started it and the wheels turned both directions without a problem. I have a Spartan Chassis. Anyone ever run into this problem or heard about a problem like this. Thanks Don
  3. I love posts like these, makes me feel not so foolish. They say it's not if you do something dumb when you drive these monsters, it when you do something dump. Everyone does it, some people just don't admit it. I took out two boulders, first one 3rd. day of ownership. Then I backed into my own tow car (wife parked it behind the motor home when I backed in I didn't see it and last but not least I dragged my 50amp cable down the freeway in Missouri.
  4. I had this same problem twice with my 2003 National Tradewinds. First time was at Quartzsite, AAA forced the door open. Second time at Pismo Sands in Pismo Beach, Ca. No one would come out. I ended up breaking and entering., window needed replacing anyhow. Discovered the reason it was doing this. When we locked and closed the door the inside handle got caught on the slide glass on the screen door and caused the lock to hang up. Solution, lock door and close that sliding glass which covers the opening in the screen that allows you to open the latch from the inside.
  5. Sounds like I'd better stick with my 2002 Cavalier for towing. Glad I ran onto this forum. Does anyone know if the Cobalt is towable? They are great cars and fun to drive.
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