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  1. This is quite a mess. I have heard all of the previously mentioned solutions proposed by GM however, one of our customers who had purchased and installed the tow bar, base plates, and wiring was able to work out a deal with GM for a Remco Lube pump. The good news - Remco is working on it. They got a transmission from GM and the engineers are confident that they will be able to make a pump that works. They have been able to create pumps for other 6 speed transmissions in the past. The bad news - The pump is not going to be available this fall. Remco says the best case scenario will be 90 days. Based on experience I would think they might have something to start testing in 90 days but I would not count on getting a pump for quite a while. It would be best if the Cruze was towable but, if GM is providing the lube pump that is the way I would go. For everyone who did there homework and got this vehicle as a tow behind I hope this is resolved soon and you are compensated for you trouble.
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