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    I filed a "Lemon Law" claim against FCA over other electrical problems with my Cherokee. The vehicle was fixed, including broken frame parts caused by the violent wobble and the flat tow wiring kit was installed and they did it all for free and gave me a lifetime warranty to boot. It's amazing what happens when you involve the State Attorney General's office, and they face giving you your money back!


  2. I have a 2014 Jeep Cherokee "Trailhawk" that I have towed about 18,000 miles. I experienced the wobbling last summer, on a trip to Alaska. The roads were frost heaved and somewhat irregular when this happened. It has never happened on smooth, interstate type roads.

    More disturbing is that, while having the Jeep serviced, the technician noticed that the weld on the structural beam, where the Blue Ox baseplate attaches, was completely sheared. After complaining to FCA and service shopping around, I finally got my original dealer to agree to replace the beam under warranty. When I brought it in they discovered addition broken welds in other frame components. My Jeep has been in the shop for three days, basically getting a new front frame installed. I should be noted that the structural beam replacements are made of steel, not aluminum like the originals.

    If you have towed a Jeep Cherokee, go to a service center to have it checked for broken welds in the frame. You cannot tell the frame is broken when towing or when driving, only an inspection will identify this problem. Both Blue Ox and Jeep are aware of these problems. Blue Ox redesigned the baseplate and sent me a new one, although they won't commit to paying for the install. The wiring kit to power the steering while towing is still not available, but jeep says this week, (we'll see).

    This is potentially a real safety issue and probably warrants a recall, but, so far, Jeep seems to want to keep it quiet. My dealer alluded that this is not an uncommon problem.

    Hope this info is helpful.

  3. My Cherokee "Trailhawk" experienced this problem while driving to Alaska last summer. One of the consequences is that the framework, in the front of the vehicle has developed cracked welds on more than one structural member.

    I have a Blue Ox baseplate and Blue Ox sent me a new baseplate when I contacted them about the broken welds, they re-designed the baseplate by adding more support. (they have  not, however, committed to paying for the cost of removing and reinstalling the new baseplate).

    Jeep is replacing all the broken parts under warranty (although this took a lot of arm twisting). The aluminum parts are being replaced with steel ones, which suggests a flimsy original design.

    If you have towed a Cherokee for a while, I would suggest having it checked for broken welds, as this is, apparently, not an uncommon problem.

    We found the broken framework while having the Jeep serviced. There was no indication of a problem while towing, which is pretty scary.

    Incidentally, Jeep says the steering bypass fix will be available April 28th, but I am skeptical.





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