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  1. My last trip from Florida to California wasNov 2009. I used I 10 because is the southernmost route to croos the U.S. East West. On the return trip we got caught by rare snow in El Paso and the traffic jam "parking lot" extended for miles. The problem was ice and every one big and small had a lot of difficulty negotiating it.. Considering how crazy is the weather and how "foreign" is that part of the world to those conditions I would give myself plenty of time for that part of the trip and make sure that you are a happy camper: "full tank of gas and fresh water with empty holding tanks" Happy trails
  2. Hi. We became interested in camping during my tour of duty in Germany, circa 1968 to 1973. At that time, we, like most of the other folks, took advantage of the European campgrounds to see as much of Europe as we could at a reasonable price and without "imposing" our toddlers on the other hotel guests. After starting with a tent in Germany, we decided the best way to travel with children and pets was a recreational vehicle. After a three year hiatus in the traveling schedule, we bought a travel-trailer. This proved to be very much better than the tent but was not as convenient as a motorhome. The motorhome allowed you to move in the morning without the need to get everyone out bed, particularly the children. So in 1976 we purchased our first motorhome, a Winnebago Brave. We traveled most of the West and Northwest. When Winnebago came out with the 30-foot Chieftain on a GM chassis, we went for it. That was a lot of fun. Now we are driving a 2005 Mandalay with a C-7 Cat. I will be retiring next year. Full-timing is not a bill of goods my copilot has bought into yet, but I do not give up. I have some long trips planned, maybe Mexico and definitively Alaska. As of now, I am getting man and machine ready for some serious "diesel burning."
  3. That is a sad state of affairs. If you are a boxer you are told to protect yourself at all times. If you are in a motel/hotel room the door has a peep hole to see who is nocking on the other side. If you are in a campground you are supposed to look out the window that is present on the vast majority of doors to see who or what goes outside. I see no difference with Walmart or a rest area for that matter. " You must protect yourself at all times" With rest areas slowly fading away from the traveling picture,Walmart is one of the few areas where a sleepy driver can safely get off the road for a few hours.
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