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  1. I have seen repairs done with epoxy and clamping. There is one company that I found that makes a special epoxy for repairing mild delamination without sidewall removal. Check out www.delamrepair.com. As you know, fixing the water problems have to be done first. Good luck
  2. Hi, Yes, make sure you investigate why the delamination occured. I have seen repairs done like you describe. Using the right glue is important. Clamping is required.. I recently saw a product listed specifically for delamination repair.
  3. My 2008 Itasca Navion has Continental Vancour tires. During recent oil change a service technician found all six tires had bumps on sidewalls. There is a posting on Continental Tires at www.safety-db.com

  4. Hi, I'm conducting a study on RV sidewall delamination. I work in the field of composites, and the goal of the study is to find practical solutions to delam issues facing many RV owners, and to also help the OEM's understand why delamination occurs. Most delamination is a result of water intrusion, so the delam is a secondary issue. I'm looking for RV'ers in Utah that have delamination problems who are interested in discussing delamination issues with me. Personally, I have had two Class C RV's: a 1995 Four Winds and 2005 Four Winds. Both had typical delam issues. I am in need of photos, discussion on repairs, repair attempts, etc. You can reach me at apn@twcny.rr.com. Thanks, Andy
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