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  1. Coachmen RV - Search through the sold inventory and usually you can find your model and alot of the time the brochure is attached to its listing.
  2. Thanks for the info...what I was looking for.
  3. Get a Tag axle with a BIG engine so its easy to resell later. I wouldn't get anything under a 450 cummins
  4. I think you are on the right track with regards to the support screws being sheered off. I do think it is strange that JOSAM isn't helping more. Maybe they feel they might make it worse and be liable?
  5. 02 with only 28000 miles? nice find!
  6. You can also use NADAGuides.com to compare prices.
  7. Try your local Craigslist RV section for FSBO RVs. You might be able to take into a dealer also if you need to do an In-and-Out for financing purposes.
  8. In my experience a 3rd party/specialized RV financing company is great for getting a quote you can take to your bank or credit union as leverage to get a better rate or better terms.
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