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  1. I was told that only smart cars 2009 or newer can be towed "Flat Four".
  2. We purchased a new 2009 Smart car just for towing " flat four". Owners manual says "Yes"! We have towed this over15000 miles with no problems. No warming up trans. etc. Put the trans in neutral, leave key in ignition accessory position, disconnect battery and you're "Good to go"! One tip: attach a bungy cord from steering wheel to under front seat! This will eliminate a nasty steering wheel back lash on slow tight turns. The car is so lite I dont bother with a brake control. Another tip" When re-connecting the battery, hold down on brake pedal before turning key to on position! The transmission has to re learn the codes. It takes about 10 seconds. When the "P" park symbol shows on the dash the car will start and you are finished. Hope this helps! I had to learn the hard way!
  3. We have a stackable dryer in our 2011 Holiday Rambler Endeavor. Ours does the same thing! I believe it is working properly. The drum is reversing direction every so often. Its called "Tumble Dry"! "Muleman"
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