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  1. We are in the process of changing out out halogen bulbs as well. We changed out 3 this weekend and like the brighter light much better. Besides Camping World, are there any other places to find these bulbs at a reasonable price? Here in Bakersfield, the Good Sam Price is $19.99. We have an 09 Damon Challenger 371.
  2. This same thing happened to me, a few months ago. I was locked inside my RV and had to climb in and out of a side window. I do not recall the make of the lock though. I have a 09 Damon Challenger 371.
  3. I would have to agree with the other posts. Campgrounds vary from place to place, but that's the great thing about traveling in an RV. You determine where you want to be. My suggestion would be to check out the reviews on the park of interest and use your best judgment. Keep in mind, opinions may vary as much as campgrounds, so take from them what you must. Also check the FMCA forums, somebody somewhere has stayed at the park you are considering!! Happy traveling,
  4. OBS66 We have the KOA ValueKard and use it fairly often while travelling. It will take a couple of weeks or so for you to receive your card from FMCA but that should not prevent you from making your reservations with the KOA. By the time, October rolls around you should have your ValueKard and should be able to present it at the front desk and they can apply your ValueKard discount.
  5. We will be staying in the Port Charlotte, FL area from Jan 2012 til April 2012. Does anyone have any suggestions for places to stay? Also if anyone know of any Workamper opportunities in the area as well, please let me know. We are currently in West Palm Beach, FL at Vacation Inn Resort.
  6. We have our spare tire stored in one of our cargo bays. Of course, it's taking up a great deal of the bay. I've looked underneath the coach and noticed towards the back there are a couple of steel looking beams where I could possibly mount a bracket. However, I am not sure of the type of bracket to look for or the best way to mount it. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  7. We have a 09 Damon Challenger and would be interested in a Damon chapter also...We are full timers as of Oct. 2010
  8. My partner and I are just starting out as full timers. We have an 09 Damon Challenger. I am not sure if this is the right forum to pose this question but here goes. When we empty our black tank, we have noticed a foul smell reverberating back into the unit. We thought it was because we were leaving the grey valve open while we dumped the black tank. Now when emptying the black tank we close the grey tank. However, here recently we are still noticing the smell coming back into the bathroom. This only happens when we are dumping the black tank. Any suggestions for correcting this issue? We are also having the same issue with the black tank sensor as well. We always flush the black tank after each dump (no pun intended!). Also is it ok to use regular toilet tissue (ie Charmin)? We were told by a friend that it was ok just as long as the package says "septic safe".
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