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  1. I tow my 2011 CRV with a fused power lead connected to the CRV battery from the Coach. Make sure your radio is turned off and no other power sources are left on in your CRV. Never had a battery problem.
  2. The invisibrake on my CRV activates with both the brake and exhaust brake on my 2011 Discovery 40x. If I do not want it on when using the exhaust (Jake) brake, I lightly apply the fuel to de-activate the exhaust brake.
  3. On my 2011 Honda CRV I turn the key to auxiliary after following the Honda transmission shifting process in their manual. I then open the drivers side rear door and hit the lock button on the drivers side. This locks all the doors including the drivers rear when it is closed. Make sure you have a spare key to get back in. You can not use the remote to unlock the doors with the key in the ignition. You have to use the manual lock with a key on the drivers door to get back in. I don't pull the fuse. I installed a hot wire from the 7 point hitch on my 40x to the battery on the CRV. This keeps it charged. Make sure you install a fuse at the battery.
  4. I just installed a Roadmaster system on my 2011 Discovery 40x. I tow a 2011 Honda CRV. I used the Roadmaster adapter plates, a Sterling All Terrains tow bar, and a Road Master Invisibrake system. Great combo system. Just towed to Florida from Ohio with no problems. It took me about 4 evenings to install the Invisibrake in the CRV, but it is a great system. I mounted the compressor on my spare tire in the CRV and the operating cylinder under the drivers side rear seat. I ran the wiring up the drivers side running boards to the rear of the CRV. Used a 4 wire system and strung an additional wire for a spare if needed in the future. I wired the compressor to the 12v outlet in the rear of the CRV, using a fuse for protection. I also hooked up a hot wire from the 40X hitch to the battery of the CRV. This keeps the battery charged and I don't have to pull the fuse on the Honda when towing. Roadmaster has some good slides on installation of the systems on their Website, but they do not provide information on recommended installation areas for the invisibrake cylinder or compressor system. I can provide pictures of my installation if anyone is interested. PS, it works great with the Jake Brake on the 40x once you figure out how to feather the fuel pedal during Jake operations.
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