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  1. I am fairly new to FMCA- I went the Good Sam route first and the club I belong to is made up of both retirees and working folks like you with kids- What they have worked out as a CL:B is to go camping 1 weekend a month from March to Oct- They preplan the schedule for the year at their Christmas party. IT IS VERY Flexible and sometimes they have only a few members or my case none members show up- They try to find sites in the tri state area that are easy to get to and offer options for those weekends where they plan to go.(SC-GA-NC). - Yes I am not in Florida- but we have a lot of semi lifers campers in our sites as well as a lot of military parks - also 1/2 full of semi lifers folks-- It ain't perfect and it is something you will just have to work with-FMCA is made up of a lot folks - both retired and not -- and we all are competing for the same campgrounds-you might look at other campgrounds not part of the FMCA family- Get a copy of the Florida Camping book by Moon publications- I have one and it offers a huge amount of camp grounds avail with details you need to know to make a decision as where to stay . Dan from thezoo
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