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  1. Several people have told me that they have tied in a mesh behind the front grill to protect the radiator from stones, bugs, etc. Has anyone had any heat problems from doing this. I saw several RVs with a mesh lining inside the grill and they told me that it was a smart investment. Anyone else try this?
  2. I had the water pump replaced--so far this has solved both problems!! thanks for advice appreciate the replies...
  3. Thanks for the info. appreciate it. Verizon also has one
  4. Well I had the city/tank fill replaced but still have the pump on/off problem. Will take your advice and check with Shurflo for "check valve" Thanks Fran
  5. Yes, it was one of the first items bought after the RV.
  6. My problem is that my fresh water tank is slowly filling with water when my "city water" handle is chosen. It is slow but over time will fill the tank. The overflow outlet lets the water out but I am concerned that the tank could burst. Also after I use the water pump in any faucet, the pump will turn off and then back on for a period of time. Do I have a water pump problem? a line problem? a gasket problem? a shut off valve problem? Any thoughts?
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