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  1. Hello and thanks for your advice. I checked TRC troubleshooting page on this model and it states that if low power or high power condition exists for more than 8 seconds then it will trip the relay and isolate it until the power returns to >102 or <132 volts. So I would be careful in a fluctuating voltage situation.
  2. Hello jc21014 I took your advice and ordered a digital line monitor from TRC. I also tested my SurgeGuard with a variable voltage regulator and found it does shut off at 102v as advertised but it takes 6 seconds to shut down. I think the voltage was dipping up and down so fast in this situation that the device just couldn't react fast enough. At least now I can document the problem and take action. Thanks
  3. It's a TRC Surgeguard 30 amp. Model # 34730. Should I be concerned that the unit is not shutting down with low voltage? The A/C was definetly turning off and on. The generator worked fine so I don't think it is the automatic transfer switch. It would be interesting if I could test the unit in a known low voltage condition. I ran the A/C from my own shore power when I got home and it ran perfectly.
  4. I am new to RVing and own a 2012 Itasca Sunstar 30' 30 amp. Soon after I buying our RV, I purchased a 30 amp surge protector and have used it consistently. I have stayed in many private and public campgrounds with no power problems. But recently I was staying at an private campground which I have stayed at three times before. It was warm (85) and was running the AC. Then the microwave started chirping (display light went off and on) and the AC stated flipping off and on. This lasted about 3-5 seconds and then everything returned to normal. I turned off the AC as soon as I could and then waited for a few minutes before I restarted the AC. I didn't have another episode until the next day with a similar pattern. It once happened in the morning without running any AC or heavy electrical devices. I tested the power with a volt meter but it showed between 116-120 volts. I could never capture the voltage reading during one of these episodes though. The surge protector never tripped during these conditions. I even took the RV into a dealer and had them check over my 120v systems and they ran the AC for four hours without incident. I then asked for a different site which had both 50 and 30 amp power but I still had these once a day problems. My question is - was I experiencing a low voltage condition that was not low enough to trip the surge protector? What are the symptoms of a low voltage condition? What else could I do to protect my RV from electrical issues?
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