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    Hankook Tires

    Thanks for the information. Cecil
  2. cbdeajr

    Hankook Tires

    Looking to replace the tires on my 33 MH. Was thinking about Hankook as I only put 3500-5000 miles per year on them, But I have seen a lot of negative reviews fo Hankook tires on car but not seeing much on RV tires. Any suggestion? Thanks
  3. Have the brake kit on the trailer. Not a big problem to put on. Did have to have the drums turned to fit the bearings that I had on the dolly (.100 thousand). but the machine shop only charged $20 dollars to do that. Now if I need them, I have them and do not have to worry if I will get stopped. Also I figured if I was in a accident and was in a state that required brakes there would be less problems too. I have just under $425 plus about 3 hours labor in the brakes, just good insurance for me. Electric would have been cheaper but I have them for my farm pickup truck and not real happy with them. Cecil
  4. cbdeajr

    Omaha, Ne.

    Thanks for the suggestion. They are going out on Wednesday to get things set up and will check with the hospital.
  5. cbdeajr

    Omaha, Ne.

    We have a friend who is going to have a 3 month medical treatment at the University Medical center in Omaha and they are looking for a low cost camp ground in the area. They do not need lot amenities just a clean safe camp ground for his wife and daughter to stay in. Any suggestions will be helpful. They will be coming out around the end of the month. Thanks, Cecil
  6. cbdeajr

    Coax to HDMI

    Changing out the old TV’s and VCR in our 2001 Winnebago MH but the new ones come with HDMI input/output while the MH has coax cable with screw in connectors. Is there an adapter we can get? Do not care about HD as on the smaller TV sets I can not see the difference. Not up on all the new things any more.
  7. I have a Stehl and the brush type guard on the back. I think it works better than the solid as it causes some air turbulence. As far as the dolly I have not had a problem with it other than the ratchet with handle return spring. Not sure what you call the little part that broke but it is a cast part that locks the ratchet gear in place when you are releasing the strap. They do not sell parts for the ratchet and I had to make one. Did not want to spend $40. dollars for a 2 dollar part. Also the inner bearings and seals on mine are not standard size, so if you need to replace one on the road it could be a problem. I carry a set with me just in case.
  8. Went ahead and ordered a kit to put surge brakes on dolly. Good looking kit but did not match the bearings I had on my dolly. Having local machine shop cut out .100 thousands so I can use proper bearing and seal on them. Petty much a easy job if you are handy with tools. Cecil
  9. I just purchased a complete Surge Disc brake system from E-trailer.com for $399.95 and it will work with 13in. tires. The sale lady said that there is a price increase soon. The kit number is T4843100 if you want to look it up online. Cecil
  10. Just did a lot of research on adding brakes to a Stehl. The major problems are the bearing size. Most use L68149 inter and L44649 (1 1/16 in. ID) for the outer. Mine had a L44643 outer (1in. ID) but the race is the same for both so I just used the L44643. You need to check the brake kit and see what size wheel it will fit also as most will only fit 14 in and up. Cecil
  11. Thanks Dickand Lois for the web sites. I guess I will have to add brakes to my dolly just to be safe. Cecil
  12. Thanks for the information. Is there any place that I might go to find out which states require brakes and their regulation for a dolly?
  13. I saw on a few posts that some states require brakes on a car dolly and some require a license plate for one. I live in Missouri and you are not required to title or license a dolly. They also do not require brakes on the dolly. I would like to know if I am pulling my car with a dolly when traveling (and meet my state requirements) will I get in trouble in these states? I would like to find out before I start traveling this summer. Thanks Cecil
  14. I have winterized the water sys but should I level my MH for winter storage? If so do you use the Hyd. leveling sys on the MH? It is stored in my barn which has a gravel floor.
  15. I had water stains on my MH and E-mailed Winnebago on best way to repair it. They called and said that they used " Insta-Gone ". It worked great. Just be careful as it is a bleach and will discolor any fabric it gets on. Just do a search to find it online.
  16. I have a 33ft. Winnebago and if I keep my speed under 65 on flat land and interstate I get an avg of 8.6mpg.
  17. I have noticed a small (8x10 inch) area in the middle of the sidewall that is starting to delaminate. There are no windows or other opening near it. What is the best DIY for repairing it. I have thought about just drill a small hole and injecting some fiberglass resin or glue. I have some gel coat left over from a boat repair I did and it is close to the wall color so I could cover the hole with no big problem. The MH is a 2001 Winnebago Brave. Cecil
  18. Are the cards for diesel fuel only or for gas also? Cecil
  19. I am new to RVing and would like to know what is the "PFJ Advantage Card" and how do you get one? Cecil Dean
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